Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Robbins Bridal Shower!!!

I flew down to LA two weekends ago to help host a bridal shower for my friend Robbin. It was a great time, all her friends gathered to get her ready for her honeymoon in Maui. Lets just say I will have to do some editing on the photos so if Jason check this out he wont get any sneak peaks!! It was a tropical theme and the lovely LA weather helped out with 102 in the shade so the party moved inside for gifts and dessert. Robbin had a great time and got lots of fun things. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a special day for her. Even her mom and mine seemed to have a good time although they may not have enjoyed the gifts as much as we all did!!!

Remodel Update

So the remodel continues, not without trouble but I will not go into that right now. So they finished gutting the whole place and took it down to the studs on the walls and ceiling. Poor guy who had to do all that inhaled a lot of plaster the first day before returning with goggles and a mask. Then the electrician came in and wired it up!! I have never seen so many outlets, maybe because we were surviving with one, now we have one every two feet!! Once electric was in, the sheet rockers came and now we have walls again. Also in this process we tore down a half wall to the stairs that leads to the basement which is great, opens it up a bit. Now, for the troublesome part, they finished the walls with a textured finish, not what we wanted, sooooo Thursday they have to come and sand the walls smooth again. Oh well, if that is the worst that happens we will be lucky. Here are some photos.

Silly Business!!!

Just a few whacky shots I forgot to add from Leavenworth. We found this really funny hat shop!!! I think we should have bought some.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


We went to Seafair this weekend on Lake Washington. We didnt see any of the boating races but went to a nearby park and watched the blue angels show.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Well, they began the kitchen, by gutting it. Then havent been back since. We have the feeling they came and gutted it just to get started and keep us from bothering them about when they would begin. Interesting though, our cabinets are due in 3-4 weeks. Hope they are ready!! See the after photos and our mini kitchen down in the basement. We are lucky to have it!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our Hound

Here are some newer photos of our hound Winston. He recently got snipped so he is a little sad, he misses his balls. Oh well!!!


So we are having our kitchen remodeled. I guess we are tired of the 1950's version. It was certainly cute and functional (barely) but lets review some of its major faults. Firstly, no dishwasher. I know what your thinking, poor you, washing dishes by hand. Or maybe you are saying, so just put one in, well this leads to problem two, the countertops and cabinets (perhaps original) are too narrow for todays dishwashers and too narrow to close the door to the cupboard with our dishes in. Moving on the number three, one whole side of the kitchen has no cabinets at all, so storage is a challenge and there is no countertop next to the stove at all so it becomes a balancing act. Then we move on to fourth, and maybe the most annoying, only one outlet (with two sockets) works in the whole kitchen. Thus we have to run the toaster, kettle, espresso machine, mixer, grill and any other appliance in that spot, and only two items may run at one time. So here are some photos of our cute original kitchen. Demo began today so we will post the occasional update so you can see the progress. We are promised so many things by our contractor but as you would expect we do not really believe it will be finished in a timely manner. One can hope it will be done by fall!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I know most of you relate Leavenworth to a prison. So did I, until I was told it is a Bavarian town in the mountains here in WA. It is just over Stevens Pass, a little over 2 hours drive from us. We went for a weekend with some friends to check it out and take in their outdoor summer theater. We drove up Saturday and had a wander around town and then Sat night was the play Sound of Music. The venue was great beacuse it was nesstled in the mountains so you really felt like you were in Austria...maybe. Then Sunday morning on the drive back we stopped along the drive at this waterfall. Winston sure loves nature, well he goes a bit nuts actually but he really did seem to like it.