Thursday, August 2, 2007


So we are having our kitchen remodeled. I guess we are tired of the 1950's version. It was certainly cute and functional (barely) but lets review some of its major faults. Firstly, no dishwasher. I know what your thinking, poor you, washing dishes by hand. Or maybe you are saying, so just put one in, well this leads to problem two, the countertops and cabinets (perhaps original) are too narrow for todays dishwashers and too narrow to close the door to the cupboard with our dishes in. Moving on the number three, one whole side of the kitchen has no cabinets at all, so storage is a challenge and there is no countertop next to the stove at all so it becomes a balancing act. Then we move on to fourth, and maybe the most annoying, only one outlet (with two sockets) works in the whole kitchen. Thus we have to run the toaster, kettle, espresso machine, mixer, grill and any other appliance in that spot, and only two items may run at one time. So here are some photos of our cute original kitchen. Demo began today so we will post the occasional update so you can see the progress. We are promised so many things by our contractor but as you would expect we do not really believe it will be finished in a timely manner. One can hope it will be done by fall!!!

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  1. Cute little kitchen. Some delicious meals were prepared there. I hope to enjoy many more in the new one!!!!!!!!!!