Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kristen and Sara Last Hurrah!!!

So my girlfriend Kristen came out for a visit from Madison, Wisconsin for a long weekend. She is 6 months pregnant (but doesn't look it at all) and so we wanted to have a girls weekend last hurrah before she enters motherhood. It's not like it is a jail sentence or something, she got 18 years to life....... She flew in Friday night and then Saturday morning after breakfast we drove up to Vancouver for three days. It was great fall weather with clear blue skies. She had never been to Vancouver so that was fun. We stayed right downtown on Robson street and got a great view from our room on the 25th floor!

We walked around and looked at the shops and then curled up for a movie in our room. On Sunday we walked to Stanley Park and enjoyed the leaves and went to the Aquarium. It is such a great aquarium and has beluga whales which were a highlight. We also got a good kick out of the sea lions. They sure are chatty. Bet you couldn't guess it was a whole bunch of females!!

After the aquarium we worked up a good hunger and went for lunch, ahhh fish and chips hit the spot. Poor fish. After all the fun we relaxed and then went for a drive around.
Monday was a big hit. We hit the spa for massages and facials before making the drive home to Seattle. I am sure Alex missed us a bunch.

On Tuesday I took Kristen with my friend Hillary to our favorite cupcake spot, Trophy, yummy for baby Pofahl and then sat at Starbucks waiting for Dave Mathews to stroll in.

He lives in the neighborhood. In the afternoon we took the bus downtown and hit the Pikes Market, then we dropped in on Alex at work. After work he met us for dinner and then we went to the play To Kill A Mockingbird. It was really good and well done. Then it was home on the drunks and crazies bus (it gets a bit interesting on our bus route at night) and off to bed. Kristen flew home today. We had such a great time and baby Pofahl is due January 4th so our next cupcake date will have to be in Madison, I guess they better open a cupcake shop!!! Thanks for coming all this way Kristen, it was so much fun!!!

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