Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Alex's parents flew in for their first ever Thanksgiving this year. We were so excited to share this American holiday with them. We all drove down to Portland to spend the holiday with Joel, Tonya Owen and Charlie and my mom who flew in from LA for the weekend. Joel and Tonya made a fabulous meal and yummy desserts. We had two turkeys cooked two ways, one was roasted traditionally and the other was smoked on Joel's wood chip BBQ...the Traeger!!! Then we had both traditional pumpkin pie and spice cake with cream cheese frosting and coffee toffee bits!!! Ahhh I wish I had saved a piece. So after stuffing ourselves we took part in a Peterson family tradition of decorating a gingerbread house for Christmas. This year we decided to make a contest of it and have the Peterson family decorate one and the Davis family decorate another. We could not find an impartial judge so we thought we would let YOU decided the winner. Take a look at the photos and then on our blog quiz you can vote for your favorite house!!! The winning team gets to eat both houses!!! hahahahahaha!!!

The Peterson team working hard...licking their fingers!!!

The Davis team working very seriously!!

The Davis Gingerbread "Cottage" with "tropical" John and Carole Davis

Peterson Gingerbread house with landing pad on roof for Santa

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