Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby Showers LA

Peterson Family and Friend Shower

I flew down to LA the end of March to have baby showers with family and friends there. I am now 6 mos prego so the time to fly is now....or not for a long while. Tonya hosted a shower for me at my mom's house on Saturday. Let's just say it was real good food and real good fun. Having a girl is fun for all the girls because the clothes are just so cute. Here are some of the highlights!!
Tonya starts us off with a game. Competition was fierce but in the end Meagan took the prize. I was quite impressed with her word search skills!!Pam, Rebecca (with baby Mabel in sling) and Hillary gave Meagan a run for her money. I think it came down to a one word win.
Here is me with all the loot!! Yowzers!!!
Get comfy ladies, the gift opening could take a while. Pink and chocolate brown layette from Tonya will match the nursery perfectly. Charlie has named the nursery the "dot" room because the bed in there has a quilt with "dots" on it. So the name and the "theme" for the nursery has stuck. Thanks Charlie!!! You will be the best cousin.
A package all the way from Grammy and Grampy in England. I think the royal post has added several layers of tape for good measure. They sent bibs and a cuddly stuffed puppy named Winston!! It even looks like him!! A hand made sweater, hat and blanket among other gifts from our neighbor and friend Robin.
The McCluskey 's have out done themselves again with hand made quilt and matching diaper bag filled with goodies!! Thanks Janine for all your hard work. I have now enlisted her to produce a nursing cover up , otherwise known as a "hooter hider"Cousin Meagan supplies baby with her first set of army camo gear!! Pink of course. Her husband Ryan is delpoyed in Iraq but will soon be home and they are moving up to Seattle!! Lucky for us!!!
After the shower Joel and Eric bring the kiddies home and they try their hand at the word search. Charlie does her concentrating face again. My Grammy and me!! This is going to be her 21st great grandchild (or something like that)!! Us Peterson's sure can mutliply. Several cousins are pregnant right now so it will be fun to have babies all together!!

Thanks everyone for coming and bringing our baby such beautiful things!! Alex's eyes nearly popped out when he saw it all. I think now we have to give instructions on what everything is how to use it!!! Special thanks to Tonya for hosting the shower and all the work she did, and to Hillary for flying down from Seattle to LA to be there and provide and empty suitcase to help bring all the gifts back home!!!

Robbin and Jenn Shower

On Sunday, my lovely friends Jenn and Robbin hosted a shower for all my LA girl friends from high school, college etc.It was super fun and more great food. Every day should be a shower as far as I am concerned. It was a frenchy theme so the decor was Paris and food was so yummy!!
Our hostess' get ready for a game. You have a tray full of baby items and have to remember as many as you can. I am rubbish at this game. Good thing Rachel and Deedi are big winners at this shower!!

Jenn made this decoration for the shower and then gave it to me so we can hang it on the wall in the nursery.Our winners with their prizes, Rachel and Deedi.
Girlies Rachel, Deedi, Hillary and Marla.Robbin with the delicious spread, and chocolate croissants yet to come!!
A few highlights of the gift opening. Robbin gives a cute lady bug dress and hat to match.Deedi found some great Hawaiian theme toys to make music!! Those look so fun.
Jenn's basket of treats includes the cutest ballet slipper socks in all colors. Carrie gave us the other color set too so we have a rainbow to chose from. Jessica and baby Sofia gave us her first bathing suit and burp cloth!! Now we have to go somewhere warm to wear it!! I guess the heated pools in Seattle might have to do!!
Robbins Mom Theresa and Carrie are giving good advice. Carrie is a labor and delivery nurse so she knows exactly what you need to know.Marla poses with Jessica's baby Sofia. She was the hit of the party and approved of all the toys and gifts!! So beautiful!!

Again I had so much fun and thanks to everyone, Jenn and Robbin especially for all your hard work and planning!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


The gang heads to Kauai for a week of fun in the sun. Something we haven't seen much of in Seattle lately!! Maybe it will get us through till summer.
Charlie starts vacation out hard!! She doesn't waste any time at the beach, hauling buckets of water. This is her typical beach face. Not sure why but tucking the upper lip must help with the hard work?
The kids first taste of Shave Ice. Yummy!! Owen ate his way through vacation. Topping his favorites list each day with some new food. Today it was pineapple and coconut shave ice. Not a bad combination. He even ate the whole thing.
Charlie and Papa in the pool at the time share. It was perfect for her because the pool is graded like a beach so she can just run right in. Too bad she has no fear and doesn't stop until she is in too far. What are we all thinking she can do anything right?
Alex gets some good R&R in the pink floatie. Too bad he almost tipped himself out!!

Owen's new favorite of the day. Cheese quesadilla's by the pool. That is, until he discovers their nachos, then that trumps all.
Dad hits the jacuzzi big time. He uses his towel and hat as sunscreen???
Rach made a big hit by bringing squirt guns!! We were the envy of all the kids in the pool. Charlie had the best time playing squirt wars against the boys.Eric takes his relaxation very seriously.That is....until Charlie decides he needs cooling off.

Then Eric returns the favor!
Mom doesn't have trouble relaxing by the pool.
The gang by the koi pond. Alex, me, Dad, Mom Eric and Rach, heading to happy hour.
Ahh....happy hour. The booze is free but the pupu's were HORRIBLE!! Fish balls and dried out wontons! Owen is the only one who actually enjoyed them!!
We were down at Poipu beach and there were some monk seals out getting some sun.
Owen shows us his "guns"!
Eric found a coconut and we compare bellies. My 6 mos prego belly is still smaller than his coconut belly!! Although it is growing by day so he won't beat me for long!

Some of the gang took a boat ride along the north shore of Kauai, the Napali coast. Eric, Rach, Dad, Alex, Joel and Owen braved the rough seas to catch the views and go snorkel. It was rough going most of the way but I think they still had fun.Rach is NOT enjoying herself at this point.
I think Owen was ready to go home too!!Once everyone was allowed to get out and snorkel and then have lunch the trip was looking up!
Snorkel crew, even Owen learned to snorkel this trip.
Family dinner at plantation gardens. It was a great meal.
The gang at dinner.
We rented a surf board for an afternoon and everyone got a turn. Eric shows his stuff.
Alex gets skunked on his wave!

Owen shows us all how easy it can be.
Joel gets going his first try.Even Charlie gives it a try.

We all had such a great time and wish we could stay longer. I think we killed the kids. They were begging to go to bed every night!! When does that happen?