Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunny Days?

Well I am not sure if you could call it Spring because it is raining and dreary again today. We did have a few great days over the weekend . This is a current photo of Winsty. We take him to our park and launch the tennis ball and he runs and runs. Sadly, after this lovely day of chase he hurt his paw and has been limping. I think he just pulled something so hopefully he will be fully recovered soon!! I just loved all the flowers in the grass and his wet tongue!!My girlfriend Hillary and I bought hammocks last summer and have been waiting anxiously for sunny days to have hammock dates. We took our portable hammocks to the grass at greenlake last week. It was fabulous (including my 7 1/2 month belly!!!). We got so many people stopping by to ask where we got the hammocks. I think we might set up a stand next time and sell them!! FYI They are from Bed Bath and Beyond and cost between $50-$75 depending on what size they have. They fold up into a sack with backpack straps so you can take it anywhere!!! I highly recommend one!!! Just be careful getting in and out!!!
We went to the Mariners game on Saturday night with some of Alex's co-workers and their spouses. Lots of fun. They actually won which is a surprise since they have been doing so poorly. We went out to an Irish pub after to see a live band. It was really good. It is nice going out pregnant because you don't have to make an excuse for not doing rounds of shots when someone starts ordering so you don't feel bad the next day!!

Hope everyone is having sun where you are (or keeping cool .... LA). We are on the countdown to baby. We have started our birth classes at the hospital which have been let's say, interesting. Last week we had one husband ask the teacher how many pads he should buy for his wife when her water breaks and she is leaking fluid????? He wouldn't give up till she told him a number!!! (One package should be plenty is what the teacher finally responded) This week he asked if the jacuzzi tub at the hospital for birthing moms had a limit on the number of people and if you could just go in and out as you please? Hmmm a big jacuzzi filled with women in labor!!! No, sir, it is a bathtub. You get it all to yourself and you get fresh water for each new mom!!!

I will post pics of little baby's room soon. All is coming along well and I feel fine. I try to get away with saying I have cravings or am too tired to do stuff but it doesn't really work because it is not really true. So far I feel good, just don't sleep too well. All in preparation for the next several years right?

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  1. Sara, You look fabulous! I can't wait to see pics of the baby's room. Post post post! I miss you and wish that I could be there when your little guy comes! (it's a boy, right? or am I really lame?)