Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby Girl's Boudoire

Sorry it has taken me so long to post. I could not get the lighting right for these photos. Maybe because I was too lazy to use the real camera and so I used the camera phone. I think it turned out ok in the end. This is our "guest room" now turned baby boudoire!! We kept the double bed in there and put the baby furniture on the other side . Thanks to everyone for all the great baby gifts that completed her room!! The Bebe sign above the crib was made by my great friend Jenn for our baby shower. She was kind enough to let us keep it for the room!!This is her little music/library/toy shelf. Alex's co-workers threw a little shower in the office this week for us and for another co-worker who is expecting in July as well. They had everyone in the office bring in their favorite children's book so now we have a great library!!
It is getting super close now and we are excited. I am really done being pregnant. Only 3 weeks to go and we are having my mom come visit next week and then my girlfriend Robbin the week after. I have two more weeks of work left as well. Winston will be super excited to have us home all summer. He loves when we are home with him. I will post pics from my shower up here soon!! More pics to download!!

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  1. Oh my holy crap, that room is SO DARLING!! I love that you finally posted pics. I can't wait to see pics of the princess!