Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Robbin Visits!!

Our lovely friend Robbin came for a visit from LA. She had been to Seattle before when we lived in our apartment but had not seen our house and pup Winston. We have been having a lot of fun hanging out seeing some sights.
The neighborhood of Fremont had a street fair this past weekend. Not sure what the theme was since we missed the solstice parade the day before. They had a display of whacky cars. This was our favorite, loaded with teeth and dental products. We think Joel might needs this for his next company car.

This is what happens to a husband who does not listen to his pregnant wife!!!
This is Robbin as angry kitty?
We spent yesterday downtown at Pike's market and shopping. We really liked this sign at one of the boutiques. We took the message literally!! Robbin goes home to LA tomorrow. Thanks to husband Jason for letting us borrow her!!!

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  1. Sara, I am anxiously awaiting the big news. I check your blog daily! I am glad that you are getting out and having fun, I feel so swollen in this heat and I have 4 more weeks to go! miss you!