Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Seattle Shower

I know it must sound like I am talking about our weather!! It has been a bit gray and dreary (more than typical) but I am speaking about baby shower!! My girl friend Hillary threw a wonderful baby shower for me. A group of our co-worker friends in the ER came over for an afternoon of good food, mocktails and cupcakes.
Yummy alcohol free "mocktails"
Three flavors of cupcakes
Hillary did a great shower game you can "steal" She copied photos of celebrity babies and you had to guess which baby belonged with which celebrity. The tie breaker was to be able to name the baby as well. We have some real people magazine readers among us!!
Shannon's girls help to open the gifts
Cute summer outfit for next summer from Laura
Thanks Hillary for all your hard work and ER girls for the gifts and well wishes!

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  1. Sara,
    You absolutely have to take a sideways picture of your belly before you deliver. You will love to look at it 2 years from now. Also, I want to see!