Sunday, August 31, 2008

I love my hound!!!

A lot of people have asked how Winston has been doing with Lily. He has been great. He doesn't really care much about her or her noises. As long as he gets his equal share of attention he is happy. He does look a little sad at us when she is getting a lot of attention though! Poor hound!
Morning snuggles!! He is so disinterested but tolerates me messing around with him.

Labor Day Weekend

Instead of going away for the weekend we decided to take some day trips from Seattle. We spent Saturday driving up to Anacortes and Whidbey Island. It is about an hour drive north and then west of us. Anacortes is a coast town with a really cute downtown area with shops and restaurants. After a good walk around we drove down to cross onto the island, part of the San Juan Island chain.

An interesting fire hydrant/drinking fountain/doggie watering hole.....Alex and Lily stopped for a sip of patriotic water. Maybe it will speed up Alex's visa and then citizenship???
This is deception pass, a bridge that links the mainland to Whidbey Island. It is very picturesque and you can pull over and walk across the bridge. One side of the bridge leads out to the ocean through the puget sound.
On the bridge. Watch out if you are afraid of heights. Alex said they should really cash in on this like they do in New Zealand and have a bungee jump off the bridge. Lily is really portable right now. She is happy to ride along in the car (sleeps most of the way) and then walks around in her Jeep carrier wherever we go (thanks Auntie Lita!!).
View of the Puget Sound. You can take boat tours, whale watching or jet boats down below.
The bridge you cross to Whidbey.
At the end of the day we took the car ferry back to Edmonds and drove the few minutes back home. Lily liked the boat ride. Well she likes everything.
The front of the ferry has great views back to the city.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

8 Weeks old!!

Lily got all dressed up for church this morning in her Sunday best. This is a dress from my girlfriend Jill and she knitted the sweater as well. Lily has her best time in the morning after her milky. She is in love with her mobile and laughs and laughs at it. Nice babysitting as well so I can have a shower!!

I am all smiles!!! Well not all smiles but I certainly give more of them these days, unrelated to gas that is!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Poll results

In case you could not decide who Lily looks like we will give you some help. The photo on left is Alex. We are not sure how old he is in this photo but he is certainly older than Lily is right now but not by too much. Lily is in the middle, recent photo, and I am on the right, no that is not a Chinese adopted baby. Alex had auburn (ginger) hair as a baby/child so we will see how Lily changes!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We made up Olympic events for Owen and Charlie to compete in the back yard. There were four different events int he "5 meter relay" Owen represented the US men and Charlie the US women. Here is the starting line.....
Owen during the "cone head" lap....
Charlie bringing in the rear for the hippity hop lap....

What games would be complete without the award ceremony..

Cousins Weekend

Joel hooked us up with some sweet chicken on the traeger!!
Charlie holding her baby cousin. Is it just me or does it look just like one of her dolls?

We ventured out in the 98 degree heat to pick some blackberry's at the local church. We saw some other people picking along the fence there so we stopped by too. They are so super sweet and yummy. Our blackberries in Seattle aren't ripe yet since we haven't had much sun and heat. Owen did a super job of letting us do all the picking and then sat and ate them out of the bucket!! Although he did invent a peanut butter and blackberry sandwich...YUM!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Favorites

Just thought I would throw a couple of fun shots up for you all to see. This is sitting up on the bed in Lily's room next to her green bear. She and the bear are almost the exact same size. Winston promptly went to town on the bears nose after the photo but bear survived in one piece.Here is Lily helping Alex fill out her passport application. Some fun questions on the application, hair color (we can't decide) occupation (milk drinker?) height (21 inches?) how funny will this passport be when she is two years old and it says 21 inches? Oh well. We are going to England for Christmas so we have to get prepared!
This is another "boredom with all the photos" shot. It is just that she is so cute and has so many cute clothes that we need a lot of documentation!!!

Look at the chubby cheeks!! We think she is getting so big (and she is growing fast) until we ran into a couple from our birthing class last night who had their baby the day after Lily. He was born a pound under her birth weight and he is HUGE now. He is already outgrown his 0-3 mos clothes. She is just starting to fit into hers!! It is so funny to see the differences in them all.

On a side note, Alex had his biometrics (fingerprints etc) appointment yesterday for his visa renewal. Hopefully that will all go through quickly now and he will be able to apply for citizenship around next March. He does not have to get citizenship as he will have a 10 year green card but it is so much paperwork to keep renewing a green card it will be better to just get citizenship right away. He is also planning to get Lily her dual citizenship soon so she will have two passports!! Lucky girl!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Photo Shoot

We decided to take some photos of Lily at five weeks. Alex rented a camera lens from a photo shop so we could use it on our camera. Below is a sampling of our pics. We did however misplace one of the memory cards so we have several hundred pics missing somewhere. We will probably find it in a few years and then be surprised to find photos of Lily as a baby. Either that or Winsty will poop it out in a few days!! No he doesn't eat things like that so no worries.

We had pushed Lily hard enough in her photo shoot. You know how models can be!!

Seriously loveable!!