Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Instead of going away for the weekend we decided to take some day trips from Seattle. We spent Saturday driving up to Anacortes and Whidbey Island. It is about an hour drive north and then west of us. Anacortes is a coast town with a really cute downtown area with shops and restaurants. After a good walk around we drove down to cross onto the island, part of the San Juan Island chain.

An interesting fire hydrant/drinking fountain/doggie watering hole.....Alex and Lily stopped for a sip of patriotic water. Maybe it will speed up Alex's visa and then citizenship???
This is deception pass, a bridge that links the mainland to Whidbey Island. It is very picturesque and you can pull over and walk across the bridge. One side of the bridge leads out to the ocean through the puget sound.
On the bridge. Watch out if you are afraid of heights. Alex said they should really cash in on this like they do in New Zealand and have a bungee jump off the bridge. Lily is really portable right now. She is happy to ride along in the car (sleeps most of the way) and then walks around in her Jeep carrier wherever we go (thanks Auntie Lita!!).
View of the Puget Sound. You can take boat tours, whale watching or jet boats down below.
The bridge you cross to Whidbey.
At the end of the day we took the car ferry back to Edmonds and drove the few minutes back home. Lily liked the boat ride. Well she likes everything.
The front of the ferry has great views back to the city.

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