Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I do smile!!

So this past weekend we had a photographer take photos of Lily. Of course she decided to be a crab apple for the shoot and did not smile once!! Then in the afternoon it was all smiles!! UGH!! We decided to try to catch some of our own!!

Her "I want a taste of that" look
Her drunken sailor look!!!
Look at my big blue eyes!!!See my big drool? I have decided not to wait until I am 4 mos old and teething...I want to drool now! All the time!!
Her "Grampy Davis said he is getting me a pony for Christmas" look
Her "Papa said I can't have a pony look"

Discovery Park

We went to a local park this past weekend and it was gorgeous outside!!! Their is a 3 mile loop we did and then took a side trip down to a beach with lighthouse!! Lily enjoyed the begining and then promptly fell asleep. Winston had a blast and ran the whole time! Boy did he sleep good after!!
Alex on the beach. No dogs allowed on Washington beaches so too bad!!!!
They did have a perfect dog water fountain though!! Much easier than holding him up!!
Alex through the reeds!! If you have very good eyes you can see Mt Ranier in the back,look to the left of his head.
Best mates!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lily is an Owl

We are getting ready for a walk around the lake in my super cute outfit and big girl stroller, thanks cousin Ryan the stroller is so great!! Lily likes to be able to see everything going on around her!!
I am not sure what this face is all about, just caught on camera and it is so funny!!
This is the beautiful weather around the lake!! It is so great I wish it would be like this every day!
Here begins our "Lily looks like an Owl" series. She got a fabulous package in the mail today from Kristen and Charlotte. In it included this owl blankie. Once placed next to Lily it is hard to deny the resemblance!!

This is the ultimate owl eye photo

Two peas in a pod!!

Chatty Kathy

I have been meaning to capture a video of our miss chatty!! She has been chatty since the first day she was born (which is why we say she sleeps in her own room because she keeps us awake). She even chats in her sleep. Today we had a nice walk around Greenlake with Hillary and Winston. Upon returning home we discovered she had lost one of her socks. So this afternoon I returned to the lake and we found her sock and made another loop around. It is so beautiful here I am trying to soak in all the sun I possible can. Lily is all dolled up in her girly skirt and top. She doesn't quite fit into it yet but since the warm weather probably won't last until she does fit in it we made an exception. As we were attempting to make the video Winston decided to get in our business. He always wants his share of attention. It was really the first time that Lily paid attention and realized that this furry thing moves and is interesting. She followed him with her eyes evrywhere he went. I think their mutual disinterest is forming into a bond. Watch out Winston. You are not going to like when she figures out how to pull your hair!! In one video she even take a swing at him, petting him already!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I was goofing around with the phone camera and took a series of pics trying to catch a smile.
Her I am not going to smile just because you say so look
This is her oh my gosh!!! look
Her ewww that is disgusting!!! Look
Her you don't say? look
Her you seriously bore me look...

Anyway, we went to the doctors yesterday and she is confirmed perfection..hahaha! 9 weeks old and she weighs 10 lbs 8 oz (still an oz less than MY birth weight!! Yikes) 23 inches long. She is in the 50% for her weight and 75% for length. She still seems small to us since she is barely fitting in her 0-3 mos clothes. This outfit is falling off her literally. At least she is getting good wear out of her wardrobe!! Her shirt is from England, 50% Mummy and 50% Daddy but I am going to revise it to 99% Daddy!! She was real bitter after her shots and has been needy yesterday and today, wanting to be held. I think she figures if we lay her down those scary ouchy things will get her again!! hahaha!! Otherwise all is well and she is perfection!! The weather is fabulous here and we are taking full advantage of it. Oh and for our other child........
He went to the groomers yesterday and smells of roses!!! If only it would last!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Snoqualmie Falls

We finished off our labor day weekend on Monday by taking a drive out to Snoqualmie Falls. It is not far from Seattle, just East in Issaquah. The morning started off with a story and tummy time. Look how Lily holds her head up now, well for a few seconds anyway, before it gets too heavy and she gets bitter. Snoqualmie Falls from the top viewing platform.
You can hike down to the bottom but it is a steep grade so we didn't want to slip and slide with Lily.
After the falls we drove further east to Ellensburg area to get some peaches!! They are so yummy and just in season now. We got some this time last year and they were great. We also spent Sunday picking Blackberries at a park nearby and made blackberry jam. It is pretty easy and we did it last year and everyone loved it. We might try making peach jam too. We will see when they ripen up if they last long enough to be made into jam!! Feels like the end of summer now for sure. It has already gotten cold here, but this week is supposed to rally and be in the 70's. We'll see!!