Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chatty Kathy

I have been meaning to capture a video of our miss chatty!! She has been chatty since the first day she was born (which is why we say she sleeps in her own room because she keeps us awake). She even chats in her sleep. Today we had a nice walk around Greenlake with Hillary and Winston. Upon returning home we discovered she had lost one of her socks. So this afternoon I returned to the lake and we found her sock and made another loop around. It is so beautiful here I am trying to soak in all the sun I possible can. Lily is all dolled up in her girly skirt and top. She doesn't quite fit into it yet but since the warm weather probably won't last until she does fit in it we made an exception. As we were attempting to make the video Winston decided to get in our business. He always wants his share of attention. It was really the first time that Lily paid attention and realized that this furry thing moves and is interesting. She followed him with her eyes evrywhere he went. I think their mutual disinterest is forming into a bond. Watch out Winston. You are not going to like when she figures out how to pull your hair!! In one video she even take a swing at him, petting him already!!!!

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