Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I do smile!!

So this past weekend we had a photographer take photos of Lily. Of course she decided to be a crab apple for the shoot and did not smile once!! Then in the afternoon it was all smiles!! UGH!! We decided to try to catch some of our own!!

Her "I want a taste of that" look
Her drunken sailor look!!!
Look at my big blue eyes!!!See my big drool? I have decided not to wait until I am 4 mos old and teething...I want to drool now! All the time!!
Her "Grampy Davis said he is getting me a pony for Christmas" look
Her "Papa said I can't have a pony look"

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  1. I so have this outfit for Neelah. Love it. She is seriously so cute Sara! Your narratives are great too!