Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Day-Z!!!

Look at me!!! I am helping mom carve the pumpkin. We carved dad's pumpkin and then I climbed in!! Well, mom put me in here but I didn't mind. I actually liked it. I even had my pumpkin jammies on!!
When are they going to start feeding me already? I am four months old and all I get is milk. I am just going to start tasting everything until I find something I like.This doesn't taste very good!! Now it is getting very boring, even Winsty is so bored he is falling asleep sitting up!!
What!! You say this pumpkin is not organic!! Ugh!!!
Now I have rabies and am foaming at the mouth!! See what pumpkin eating can do to you?
Well, this is the finished product. Bet dad is glad he was at work and missed the whole experience. He did not want to carve pumpkins this year. I guess he got the memo that they don't taste good raw so what is the point?
Let's go to the lake for a walk instead. There are so many leaves I just can't get enough of them!
Do leaves taste good? No they don't. I sure am cute though!!
I can't wait for Friday when I will finally get my hands on some candy!! I have heard that stuff is really edible!! I will just have to figure out how to get through the wrapper!! I have my four month check up on Friday as well so I might not be in the trick or treat mood after my shots!! I need to perk up over the weekend because we are going to Maui on Monday!! Hip Hip Hooray!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Heather's Honor

In honor of my friend Heather (Red) who always updates her blog and she even writes things instead of just posting pics of the kids, not that the pics of the kids are not important, I am going to write a day in the life....

Well yesterday a day in the life was very busy. It was Alex's birthday and also my friend Hillary's birthday. The day began with hectic chores before Lily took a nap. After nap time she awoke and got all dressed up to take Hillary to lunch. After lunch we had a little surprise party with some co-workers at Trophy cupcake!! Yummy!!! Then in the afternoon we headed downtown to meet Alex. My friend Brandi was kind enough to watch Lily so we could go to dinner. In Seattle you can't have a baby in a restaurant that serves alcohol and does not have a divider between the bar and restaurant so there are plenty of restuarants we don't get to go to. It was nice to have a quiet meal without bouncing a baby on one knee!! a boring regular day. We woke to a note from Alex that Winston had been sick in the night in his crate so Alex had put all the bedding in the wash. Needless to say Winston did not smell very good!! After morning play time Lily is down for a nap so I took on the task of giving the dog a bath. Well....he decided to pull a nutter and go crazy and growl and bark and I could not get him in the tub, in the meantime the noise woke up Lily!! So after getting her back to sleep and giving the dumb dog a lecture (like he gets it?) I put his leash on and took him down to the shower and gave him a shower!! See I win every time silly dog so don't growl at me!! Now Lily is about to wake and we get to go to the grocery store and then drag it all back and unload and maybe go for a walk if the rain doesn't start. Then it is butternut squash soup with roasted vegetables for dinner, and alas, Alex will come home to save me!!! The best part of the day, night time, Lily asleep peacefully, Biggest loser is on tonight and I bought Alex a cupcake for his birthday. Think I will get a bite?? For SURE!!! Tomorrow, repeat it all again, only hopefully WITHOUT the nutter dog bath issue!!! Perhaps a house cleaning instead!! Ahhh the luxury or staying home!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

This past Sunday we took Lily to the pumpkin patch to pick out a whopper!! This is us on a hay ride pulled by a tractor to the field with the pumpkins.
Of course Lily had fallen asleep on the way to the patch and waking a sleeping baby never amounts to any good. She tolerated about 30 minutes and then had to be lulled back to sleep.
Farmer Alex did all the work, hauling the pumpkins....
Washing them off.....
While I got to hold our little pumpkin...We headed home with our prized papa, mama, and Lily pumpkin, and she was all smiles and happy by then!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


This is a shout out to all my So-Cal followers (Rach) who don't know what fall looks like. For my mom, so you can teach your students about fall since they don't see it themselves, and for Jill who's recent post was about the weather cooling yet they are all still in shorts!! I am just mentioning this because I happen to notice your weather forecast was 89 degrees today!! Well it has been pretty nice here, 50-60's and sunny. Here are the trees around the lake.

This is Lily playing in the leaves we picked up. She is in her brown (make note she does wear other colors besides pink) owl fleece outfit. It is still too big but her 0-3 mos clothes are all summery.
She was even holding on to some of them. It is her new trick to grasp things, like my necklace for instance, or my hair, or Winsty!!

This next series was me trying to take a picture for a thank you note for Penny (England Penny). She sent Lily this Bobby Bear. I propped her up and stuck the bear in her lap and she was quite interested.
This is her, I think I can get this hat off this guy and try it on myself.....Okay, I am going to close my eyes and count to three and you are going to come alive.....Hey I said COME ALIVE....Awww...just kidding, I knew he wouldn't come alive...P.S. She looks a little bit like a boy in all brown, just saying, a little pink never hurt anyone, although I do love this outfit.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Big Girl

I am now a big girl!!! (Sniff sniff from Mom and Dad!!) Well I am not that big, I don't fit into my 3-6 mos clothes yet despite being almost 4 mos, but I am sick and tired of lying down, especially when at the table. We used to be able to put her in her bouncy seat and have her with us when we eat but she kept fussing and trying to sit up so now she gets a high chair!! We opted for the small one you can strap to a chair. She has a way to grow before she can really use it (she can't even have rice cereal yet) but lemme tell you she eyes us when we eat and would love a little cheerio action. She is happy to sit and watch me cook and play with her toys. She is grasping objects now and can even push her pacifier back in her mouth if it slips out.

Biggest smooches from Daddy when he gets home from work!!
Here I am playing on my mat today. I have my Winsty love sweater on!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lily's Baptism

Lily had her baptism this past weekend in LA at Ascension Lutheran Church in Thousand Oaks. She wore the baptism gown that my mom wore (her grandmother made it) and my brothers and I wore. She didn't seem to mind all the layers but it was hard to hold her in it. She did well for the ceremony and watched the pastor intently (once she had her pacifier).
Eric and Robbin are her god parents

The church made a special banner with her name on it and she got to keep this beautiful memory box to put all her special things in. I am not sure how we are going to get it home so it lives at grandma's house for now.
Grandparents John and Carole and Lee and Janis, Alex and I and Robbin and Eric.
Lily had the most beautiful and delicious cake made by Stephanie. If you live in LA and need a cake for any occasion she does such a great job!!
Auntie Penny gets her snuggle on Lily. She is just so yummy to snuggle with!!
The kiddies we itching to get in the pool since the weather was so nice. They had a polly pocket party instead.
Eric taking his role very seriously. Lily got him this shirt so he would know his job!!!
Grammy Peterson could not attend the baptism since she had just had knee replacement surgery so we visited her in the hospital. Lily was cozy in her arms and fell asleep. She is now Lily's only great grandparent as her other great grandma (whom her middle name is after, Kathleen Davis) passed away this week. We are sorry she will not be able to meet her and have her photo with Lily. We are going to England at Christmas so she can meet all of her Davis family.
My cousin Jenny was at the celebration and gave us a wonderful gift, a photo shoot for Lily. If you want to see a sneak preview on her blog here is the link
She did such an amazing job!!
Thank you to everyone who celebrated Lily's baptism with us!! It was so good to see you all and thanks for the warm LA weather and sun!!

Los Angeles

We went down to LA this past weekend for Lily's baptism and to have Lily meet her LA friends and family. Here are some photos from an afternoon of fun at Pasadena's Paseo shopping center. We met with Jenn and Caeden, Jessica and Sofia and Robbin. Such fun and warm weather. We hung out by this fountain that shoots up from the ground.
Jenn and Caeden playing around
This is beautiful Sofia
Caeden tries to show Sofia what the fun is all about.
It's all fun and games until someone gets wet!!!
Robbin gives Lily a good snuggle!!