Thursday, October 16, 2008

Big Girl

I am now a big girl!!! (Sniff sniff from Mom and Dad!!) Well I am not that big, I don't fit into my 3-6 mos clothes yet despite being almost 4 mos, but I am sick and tired of lying down, especially when at the table. We used to be able to put her in her bouncy seat and have her with us when we eat but she kept fussing and trying to sit up so now she gets a high chair!! We opted for the small one you can strap to a chair. She has a way to grow before she can really use it (she can't even have rice cereal yet) but lemme tell you she eyes us when we eat and would love a little cheerio action. She is happy to sit and watch me cook and play with her toys. She is grasping objects now and can even push her pacifier back in her mouth if it slips out.

Biggest smooches from Daddy when he gets home from work!!
Here I am playing on my mat today. I have my Winsty love sweater on!!

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  1. We have that same high chair for Jake and love it. He enjoys being able to be right at the table with us. I can't believe Lily is 4 month old! I just love all her adorable clothes! It's fun to dress boys, but we have limited options. I have to say I am a little jealous of the wardrobe choices!