Friday, October 17, 2008


This is a shout out to all my So-Cal followers (Rach) who don't know what fall looks like. For my mom, so you can teach your students about fall since they don't see it themselves, and for Jill who's recent post was about the weather cooling yet they are all still in shorts!! I am just mentioning this because I happen to notice your weather forecast was 89 degrees today!! Well it has been pretty nice here, 50-60's and sunny. Here are the trees around the lake.

This is Lily playing in the leaves we picked up. She is in her brown (make note she does wear other colors besides pink) owl fleece outfit. It is still too big but her 0-3 mos clothes are all summery.
She was even holding on to some of them. It is her new trick to grasp things, like my necklace for instance, or my hair, or Winsty!!

This next series was me trying to take a picture for a thank you note for Penny (England Penny). She sent Lily this Bobby Bear. I propped her up and stuck the bear in her lap and she was quite interested.
This is her, I think I can get this hat off this guy and try it on myself.....Okay, I am going to close my eyes and count to three and you are going to come alive.....Hey I said COME ALIVE....Awww...just kidding, I knew he wouldn't come alive...P.S. She looks a little bit like a boy in all brown, just saying, a little pink never hurt anyone, although I do love this outfit.


  1. I love all the trees!!! She is just too cute with her little teddy. See you soon,


  2. you are so good at the humorous commentary! I love it. I also am loving the fall leaves and weather. Although I have the opposite problem with baby clothes...all of Neelah's 3-6 month clothes fit but they are summer clothes too. Savvy is quite the chunky monkey!