Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Heather's Honor

In honor of my friend Heather (Red) who always updates her blog and she even writes things instead of just posting pics of the kids, not that the pics of the kids are not important, I am going to write a day in the life....

Well yesterday a day in the life was very busy. It was Alex's birthday and also my friend Hillary's birthday. The day began with hectic chores before Lily took a nap. After nap time she awoke and got all dressed up to take Hillary to lunch. After lunch we had a little surprise party with some co-workers at Trophy cupcake!! Yummy!!! Then in the afternoon we headed downtown to meet Alex. My friend Brandi was kind enough to watch Lily so we could go to dinner. In Seattle you can't have a baby in a restaurant that serves alcohol and does not have a divider between the bar and restaurant so there are plenty of restuarants we don't get to go to. It was nice to have a quiet meal without bouncing a baby on one knee!!

Today....is a boring regular day. We woke to a note from Alex that Winston had been sick in the night in his crate so Alex had put all the bedding in the wash. Needless to say Winston did not smell very good!! After morning play time Lily is down for a nap so I took on the task of giving the dog a bath. Well....he decided to pull a nutter and go crazy and growl and bark and I could not get him in the tub, in the meantime the noise woke up Lily!! So after getting her back to sleep and giving the dumb dog a lecture (like he gets it?) I put his leash on and took him down to the shower and gave him a shower!! See I win every time silly dog so don't growl at me!! Now Lily is about to wake and we get to go to the grocery store and then drag it all back and unload and maybe go for a walk if the rain doesn't start. Then it is butternut squash soup with roasted vegetables for dinner, and alas, Alex will come home to save me!!! The best part of the day, night time, Lily asleep peacefully, Biggest loser is on tonight and I bought Alex a cupcake for his birthday. Think I will get a bite?? For SURE!!! Tomorrow, repeat it all again, only hopefully WITHOUT the nutter dog bath issue!!! Perhaps a house cleaning instead!! Ahhh the luxury or staying home!!


  1. how sweet! thanks for thinking of me! i love hearing what your days are like.

  2. Your day sounds sooo relaxing!!! I love hearing about a day in the life of Sara and Lily, at least its better then working all day. Say Hi to Winsty from me!!

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