Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Someone likes her hotel in Maui!! We had a great week, minus the missing suitcase for half the vacation.
This is Lily's first time in a pool. She didn't really know what to make of it.
This is great! I get all mom and dad's attention all day long!!
We took morning walks on the beach while it was cool and their was shade on the beach. We had to be really careful about the sun since you can't put sunscreen on a baby under 6 mos age.Family photo on a beach in Makena.
Lot's of time in the shade!

This is her SPF 50 outfit so she doesn't get burnt. Looks so silly but it works. We had to buy one when we got here because all Lily's clothes were in my suitcase and it was lost for five days.Then the suitcase showed up so we had two!
First dip of the toes in the sand. She liked to watch the waves but was not sure what was going on.
See I can stand!! I am about to walk into the water! Well not really it lasted about 2 seconds.We had a great time and got to see Eric and Rach for a few days at the begining of the trip. We had a nice dinner out in Lahaina for my birthday. It was a great relaxing week together as a family. Next time we go Lily will be able to wear sunscreen and get out a bit more and hopefully catch some waves!!

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  1. Love the pictures!! Wow how familiar all those clothes look.. hee hee. We had such a great time with everyone. Rach