Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa is Chinese!!

We took Lily to see Santa downtown this week. We went to the one near where Alex works so he could come over on his lunch break and see. The Nordstroms (flagship store) has Santa in the front window. She did good and was happy to sit on his lap. She told him what she wants and Mrs. Claus gave her a candy cane. We are all pretty confident she is on the nice list. I guess Chinese Santa's have white fluffy beards as well. Do you think the Chinese kids mind we borrowed him?

HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas to you all!! Lily and Mommy are going to Portland this week with Cousin Meagan to see Owen and Charlie for an early Christmas!! Yippeee!!


  1. nice! what is xmas without a chineese santa?

  2. haha! that is fabulous! i love the second picture:) lily looks a bit frightened!