Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We had a busy and fun filled Thanksgiving holiday. My mom arrived on Tuesday in time for the Lill party. On Thanksgiving morning Joel and Tonya, Owen, Charlie, and Wrigley arrived. Lily was loving having a house full!! She could not get enough and is now bored that is just us again!
Thansgiving Turkey on the Traeger!! Alex did a super job! Delish, I am ready for another we want more left overs.
Lily being entertained by Charlie. They were so good with her, helping give her the pacifier, showing her all the toys, reading her stories and holding her hand. Alex reads a holiday book to all the children, he has such a good reading voice...accent!Sitting down to a yummy meal!!
Poor Wrigley, he was sick all week and ended up having emergency surgery. He swallowed yarn and was very sick!! He is mending now, lucky dog!! No eating yarn!!Friday, Alex went to work and the rest of us played! Our tradition, making a gingerbread house.A good result I think!Saturday Alex and I took all the kids on a Goonies style treasure hunt! Boy was that fun!! Here is the start of the hunt with the map and all the clues.A tunnel on the hunt. Good thing Owen read all the clues well.About half way we stopped for a fruit leather and a break.Lily enjoyed the hike, it sure wore her out!
The end of the hunt....the treasure was found!!Everyone headed home Monday. Below is a video from Sunday after brunch. Tonya does a mean pony ride and Lily loves ponies!!

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