Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's a Jolly Holly Christmas

Here is a better picture from our Santa excursion. Alex ended up getting a better picture of Santa so maybe Lily isn't on the naughty list after all. Although she is giving him a jab with her elbow. Baby self defense course is paying off.
After seeing Santa we had dinner and Lily tried her first candy cane. A few licks later it was thrown. Guess she is her father's daughter once again. Who doesn't like candy canes?
She does love wrapping paper though! The jedi spent a good hour playing light saber with the new wrapping. It is a shame we had to open it to use it. Maybe that should be her gift this year.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.
Urban living, you pick up your tree from a lot with your mini. The VW is having a severe winter cold and does not like to run well these days. We took the easy route and did not trek out to the forest to chop down our own tree. Some things are best saved for when the little one can actually remember them.
Our tree. We nick named him butch since we did some damage to the lower branches when getting him in the stand. Yes, I know the "star" (said in a Carrie Ingalls voice) is falling over. Alex had to work some magic on it. We have more than ten ornaments on it, you just can't see them in the picture.
We are ready for Christmas now. Just a few cookies to bake and a visit from Santa down the chimney! It is supposed to snow today and we have seen a few tiny flakes but nothing serious. It will dump in the night making a Monday commute nightmare.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Naughty or Nice?

We went to see Santa this evening since Alex is going out of town for business and the big day is approaching quickly. Lily wanted to get her requests in with enough time for the elves to finish!

Caption: Hey kid, you might just be on the naughty list.

Needless to say she did not entirely enjoy it. She was actually fine sitting on his lap, she just didn't want to smile. The longer we tried to make her smile the worse it got.

We might have to try a Santa re-do in the next couple of weeks.

Playground Play Date

We spent a sunny afternoon last week at the playground with our friends!
The girls tried out the whirly deal. What is this thing called anyway?
Jail time? No it is some musical toy. If you can't tell, it was REALLY cold out!
Sharing the big kid swing.
All this playing requires shoving ritz crackers in your mouth.
No really, she shoves the whole thing in her mouth at once. You know a good thing when you taste it don't you? We had to go home though because we couldn't feel our toes anymore.

Thanksgiving Parade

Sorry for the delay in posting. You know, life happens. We went to the day after Thanksgiving parade here in Seattle with Ann and Kat. The girls were a little bitter at first. We had to get an early start to get a spot, then we had to wait almost an hour for the parade to start and reach us. Once it did arrive they seemed to enjoy it. was cold but the sun came out!
The start of the parade.
Lily enjoyed the marching bands. She would cry when they disappeared around the corner.
We have to get the girls started early to be in this part of the parade next year. There is a unicycle troop!
My favorite float, of course!
After the parade we did some shopping downtown and dragged the girls around. They were less than thrilled. We actually did most of our shopping online. I decided to set Lily up for a day of indoor shopping!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What we've been up to

Not too much going on these days. It has been rainy all week but now the glorious sun is out.
Last week we had a cupcake date with BFF Kat. She knows how to eat a cupcake. Lily was more interested in her milk. Once again, her father's daughter.
Swine flu is in full swing in the ER. Here is our mascot. Beanie baby H1N1
We went to the zoo last week for a few hours. The new penguin exhibit is a favorite. Now that schools are back in it's less crowded and we can get a close up view.
Yet Lily is more interested in climbing the rocks.
Hope your having a happy fall because winter is well on it's way. Brrrrr and a boo hoo! At least winter means Santa. We are all working on being nice. Lily has had a bad cold this week and teething so she really needs to sharpen up on the being nice part.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Leaf me alone!

Most of the time Lily humor's me for a photo shoot. The exception to the rule is when it involves something "yucky" or unknown. Leaves qualify as unknown and yucky. Last year she sat quite happily for her fall photo shoot. Let's see how this year goes.

We look like we are enjoying it.
No, I am not enjoying this.
Is that a smile? It looks like one but it is a whine.
No really, I do NOT want to be sitting in them!
If you put one in my lap I will pick it up long enough to toss it aside.
I guess you can hold one but don't expect me to!
I think next year will go over better. She was not sure about pumpkins at first but now they are great friends. We still go visit our pumpkin on our stoop (we didn't carve ours, too lazy).

I like to get annual photos so we can compare them over the years. I can imagine all the complaints and whining in the years to come but TOO bad! You see Californians, we have LEAVES to pose with in the fall. I can mail you some if you want to do a fall photo shoot. Puffer vests on little ones are awful cute too aren't they?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kauai no ka 'oi

I know the saying goes Maui no ka oi (it's the best) but I have to say I think Kauai is the best! We just returned home from spending a week on Kauai with our good friends Nate, Kristen and their daughter Charlotte. Charlotte is 6 months older than Lily so they had a great time playing together. Here we are rocking our mini van! We all had to agree it was really handy with two kids and 4 adults. Almost made us all think we wanted to own one!
We took a day trip from Poipu where we stayed on the south shore to Hanalei on the north shore. We stopped at Wailua falls for a few photos on the way. The rainy season has not yet started so the falls were low and split into three separate streams.
It is always great to travel with another couple (for many reasons) so you can have someone else to take family photos of you on vacation.
In Hanalei we had lunch and got the girls their first shave ice. Charlotte liked it as did her parents. Lily was not a big fan. No surprise there as she is her daddy's girl and he finds them too "sickly".
On the ride home we stopped to look at the light house. It was beautiful weather the whole week. In fact Alex and I think it was the warmest weather we have ever experienced on Kauai as the trade winds were absent a few days. We would sit on the lanai for breakfast and by 9am it was too hot to sit outside in the sun.
We spent a good deal of time at the resort pool. Everyone loved it. The pool is graded like the beach so it was easy for the girls to play around and we could relax.
Kristen and Nate. Kristen and I have been best friends since third grade even though she moved across the country when we were 16 years old.
I love this family photo. Charlotte is practicing for Halloween.
Lots of smiles and lots of long afternoon naps for these girls.
Get ready to fly...
We didn't plan it but the girls had almost mathing red dresses! Lily got hers as a hand me down from her friend Miranda who lived on Oahu when she was Lily's age.
Beach time at Poipu beach park. Lily loves the water but was not a fan of sand this summer in California. She quickly got over her fear and braved the sand and surf.
Poipu beach park is great for little ones as there is an area with no waves and only about 2 feet deep.
Nate had his hands full on vacation. Kristen broke her ankle a month ago and was on crutches and in a removable splint the whole vacation. She was able to get in the pool and ocean though so it wasn't total bummer for her.
We saw TONS of wild life this trip. Every day we saw monk seals and turtles at the beach and swimming right on shore. It created some interesting moments for the life guards as they tried to get people to keep their distance. They may be cute but they are as dangerous as a bear cub they had to announce from the bull horn. Boy did they give some snorkellers a good fright.
We brought our sun tent and the girls liked to get in and out and play in it.
See, we made friends with the sand.
Lily points out she is #1
One morning we went to the Kauai plantation to ride the train and learn all about the plants that grow on Kauai.
Charlotte loved it and Lily was not really sure what we were doing.
The highlight was the stop to feed the pigs.
One of the few "words" Lily can say is the piggy noise. Her pediatrician said it counts as a word. We are going to master sounds before words I guess.

At the same location they have a brand new rum company and tasting room. Nate and Alex did a mid day rum taste. It was good but not good enough to have to purchase some. Maybe they should serve it in a coconut?
I think the girls had as much fun playing with the toys as they did the sand. Charlotte has mastered the word mine so Lily learned quickly the art of sharing. She doesn't really care so it worked out well.
Best Friends!!
We stayed at the beach to watch sunset. The girls held up well as it approached bed time. The lighting was beautiful.
Our one group shot!
Nice family photo at sunset.
Oh my cute little piggies.

Wearing mommy's flower.
This is one of my favorite shots.

Rough work watching Lily play in the pool.
Dad's turn.
Sports illustrated swimsuit models in the making.
No paparazzi please!
We celebrated Alex's birthday on Kauai. He spent the afternoon boogie boarding. Lots of fun.
Boy this is rough.
My turn to try on land.
Now tandem.
Let's try in the water then.
She loved riding the board and splashing.
We all had a fabulous time. Too bad we had to finish it off with a red eye home and an over tired baby who didn't sleep the whole way! We have taken so many flights with Lily I lost track of the number but this was by FAR the worst. We won't be doing a red eye again any time soon. She is a fantastic sleeper in a crib or pack and play but does not sleep on the go in cars, stroller, or obviously airplane. Thank you Kauai. We will miss you until the next time.