Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in England!!

Packing for England!! Lily did great on the flight out there. She slept most of the flight in the bassinet and we were upgraded to traveler plus so had plenty of leg room!! The flight home, not so great, coach, no bassinet, baby on the lap for 10 hours, but she did great so we can't complain. Although the smell of delicious food in roomy business class wafted back to us.......some day when we win the lottery!!
Santa Came!!!! These are Lily's Christmas Morning Jammies!! (Thanks Kristen) She was sick with RSV/bronchiolitis on Christmas (and for another 5 days) so she missed most of the day!!
Alex had his favorite Christmas morning treat....pork pie!! It is cold pie pastry filled with pork meat. I'll have cereal thank you very much!!
Lily went down for a nap and we opened gifts! The house was all decorated beautifully and the tree was perfect! G&G did a lot of work before we arrived!
Alex got this cool book about a British guy who drives around the US in a British taxi cab. Super funny!!Grampy got a great gift too! A toilet seat that closes softly with just a little nudge. Maybe I should get one of those for Alex too!! Lily rallied for an hour or two. Made an appearance in her Christmas dress and opened her stocking. She got some great books and toys from Grandma and Grampy. Santa left her a stocking as well, with a CD and books.
Alex and his Mum prepare Christmas dinner...did anyone know that brussel sprouts grew on a stalk???? Crazy!! I took a nap during the preparation to get ready for another night with sick baby and jet lag.
Grampy got the antique pony down from upstairs so Lily could ride. This pony is from Alex's Gran's house (whom Lily's middle name is after). We hope to get pictures of her on the pony as she grows up to see how she changes!!
We had a great time with G&G in England, despite Lily being ill. She did get to visit the doctor in England and got an inhaler which made a big difference. She wanted to try out the NHS. We were very impressed. Of course as an ER nurse I was very curious and so grateful that we were able to be seen and of course greatful it didn't cost a dime.

Lily got to visit all the friends in the village where G&G live, even if she wasn't as perky as usual. She got so many lovely gifts as well. Thank you so much G&G for having us and helping care for groucherella (as we call her when she is ill).

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