Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!!! 2009...oh so fine!!

For new years we went to visit my friend Meagan and her husband who live about 3 1/2 hours south/east of Alex's parents house. They live on the coast where the ferry to France is. Meagan and Martin live in the ground floor flat in this building in Folkestone. It is about 2 blocks to the beach and a ten minute walk to the town center. Not bad!!

Lily and Charlie get to meet for the first time!! They love each other. Well, they were somewhat oblivious to the other. Charlie is almost 3 months old and Lily is 6 months. We put the kiddies to bed and then played trivia games until the big apple dropped....oh wait I mean the London fireworks went off at midnight. We watched it on the tele and had hats and poppers and noise makers. Lucky the babes slept through it all!
This looks a little like a boxing match doesn't it?
New years day we went to the zoo nearby. It was really good with lots of gorillas. Lily was actually interested and watched the animals move around. She was still getting over her cold so she wasn't all that perky though, and it was pretty cold out.They had some good lions and a little baby one that sat right at the fence.
Could they be any more bundled up? friends!!
Proud Mums!!
Thanks Meags and Martin and Charlie for hosting us and showing us such a good time!! We miss you!!

Oh and new years resolutions...yes I made some. They are pretty boring. I skipped the whole eat better and exercise ones because they are so cliche and it is always something I need to do. I decided I would try to read one book a month, not some fluff girlie novel but a real novel or biography, classic etc. I am working on Nicholas Nickelby right now. I also decided to clean out the ole closet and give away all clothes that don't fit, and all pants that are too short!! No more floods people!! Let's see anything else? Try to have more patience, communicate better, those sound good too, but not likely. How about take time to smell the roses. Lily is already six months old and time is flying by WAY too fast. I need to put life on slow speed before she is all grown up!! So I am going to try to as Oprah loves to say "be present" and appreciate each little day before she is a year old already!! (I am going to get started on that one right after she gets over this horrible jet lag that has taken my perfect sweet little girl and replaced her with "groucherella". Ugh!! They say it takes a day for every hour of time change so I have to live through 8 days of this?!!! )

Thanks for humouring me for a year of blogging and if I put to many pictures of Lily or drone on about her I am sorry I can't help myself. I love to hear about how each of you are doing so start a blog of your own (Jenny and Ryan...well done you are ahead of the game). That could be your new years resolution and trust me, it is easy!!

Happy 2009!!

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  1. Sara I love the picture of the dads and the babies. Well I really love all of the pictures of the kids. Being with you guys made me really miss home and all of my friends. I wish we did live closer together. maybe someday Cant wait until next year we when all can be together. New Years 2010!!!