Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lily is 6 mos old!

Lily is now 6 months old and had her doctors appointment Friday. She weighs 16 lbs 4 ounces (50%) is 26 inches long ( 75%) and her head has caught up at 42 cm (50%). She has been working on sitting on her own and has figured out how to blow raspberries which is her new favorite thing. She might have learned this from Uncle E. Sorry I did not edit the video so it is not entirely enthralling but you get the idea. Her favorite thing is still Winston although he could take her or leave her unless she has food. She is eating well and is hoping to get some cheerios her way soon. Her tear duct is still blocked so we will be seeing a pediatric opthomologist in the next few weeks to see if they will need to open it up. So.... all the little tears she has in her pictures are not her crying they are her eye draining because of the blocked duct. Otherwise all is well and she is as happy as can be.


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  1. Oh how CUTE! I love 6 months old. SUCH a fun age. They are old enough to sit and interact with you but not old enough to move around and wreck havoc on the house. PERFECT! Too bad they only stay that way for about a month, 2 if you're lucky!! ;-)