Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oxford Fun!

Alex and I got to spend an afternoon to ourselves in Oxford while G&G England watched the Lill. We had a great time walking the streets of Oxford and window shopping.So beautiful (very chilly though). We have been to Oxford several times before but it is always fun.
Yummy Pasty's (pastry shell pocket filled with meats, veg, sauce etc.) We didn't have one but thought Robbin would appreciate a snapshot.

Ahhhhh....the good ol Pret. They need to get these in America STAT!! It is just a sandwich shop but very fast and fresh and unique. We stopped for lunch.
This is Alex's old school. It is an all boys private school. His dad and granpa went there as well. It is not a wizard school, it just looks "potter-esque" Alex did not stay over but it is a boarding school. Beautiful campus though.

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