Saturday, February 14, 2009

Be Mine?

Pre-valentines we took pictures of the cousins when we were in Portland.
It was near impossible to get a shot of all the kids that wasn't blurry or someone looking away.
Here is Alex's valentine's gift! We had pictures taken at the mall this week! I can't pass up a free 8x10! She wasn't in the best mood but it worked out ok.
Lily at 7 1/2 months! Thanks to Pam for the super cute outfit, we love it!
Happy valentine's day to all! We have a relaxing day planned, taxes, target, and a walk!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Your favorite recipe?

my cooking books, originally uploaded by bitzi.

Do you have a favorite recipe? Was it handed down from your great great grandma in Sicily? (I don't have any relatives in Sicily to give me super recipes). Well maybe you just like a certain cook boor or food network chef. Why not share your favorite recipe in the comments section?
I have too many favorites to count but last night I came home from work to this little number made by my husband. Tagliatelle with smashed peas, sausage, ricotta cheese!! It was sooo yummy and easy too. Not that he can only follow easy recipes but you get the idea. All day home playing Mr mom and cooking dinner!! Wow!!

Foggy Sunrise, Seattle Skyline & Mt. Rainier

No I didn't take this photo. I found it while I was tinkering with flik'r. It just goes to show all those people who think Seattle is a gray dreary miserable city what they are missing. Don't mind the fact that the person who did take this photo has probably photoshopped the heck out of it!! I did see a sight almost as good as this as we landed in Seattle from my last trip to LA. I could see just the skyline and space needle popping out of the fog. Pretty cool for a miserable dreary city huh?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Splish Splash!

We went to a nearby pool today that has a kiddie area and a lazy river course. Here is Lily in the lazy river floating on her lady bug deal. She is doing her Moses in a basket down the river impression.
Rubber ducks are included in your entrance fee everybody!!

Ahhh this is the good life. Warm and humid, just like I like it. Now where is the sun and sky?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WILD make my heart sing....

Ok now that you have that song stuck in your head....we went to the zoo today!! We got a year membership from Grandma for Christmas and since the weather has been so nice this week we thought we would go. Our friends Ann and little Kat came too!! Those girls have so much fun together. We hope Kat will teach Lily to crawl. As you can see, Lily was pretty psyched to see the animals.
She likes elephants best for now. Maybe because they are so big they are hard to miss?
The girls pose in front of a little baby ellie statue.
The zoo has a really cool indoor play area called zoomazium. I think it will be great on rainy days. They have a toddler area with fun stuff to crawl around on and sit in. The girls are sitting in a little hollowed out play log.
Kat is showing Lily where her teeth are going to come in...some day.
This log you can crawl through and it has a mirror bottom. Random girl Juliet was pretty insistent on being in the photo.
Hey, there are two of me!!
Where'd that other one go?Ahhhh...what fun! We are going to go again and again. Wild know I love you!!
Stay tuned, we are hitting the pool on Friday!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Giant Winsty!!

Lily was real excited to play with the giant Winston AKA Wrigley!!! He was more than happy to oblige her in mutual love, especially when she was covered in food!! A good doggie dream!!!
Lemme just get that finger for you Lily.....
Oh wait, I think you have a smidge on your cheeks....
Isn't this fun?
Time for some R&R on the couch with my new Prudence Owl doll from Owen and Charlie! They have blabla dolls they love and now Lily has one too! Isn't she just the cutest. Tonya also knit Lily a blankie which matches Pru!! Oh how cozy!!Thanks for such a fun visit guys! Can't wait to see you again!! Next visit in Seattle will include.......SHRINKY DINKS!! I know, you can barely contain yourselves!! We have so much fun up here, you California people need to come visit!!

Christmas in January (well almost Feb really!)

Lily and I traveled down to Portland last week to visit our Peterson peeps and exchange christmas gifts. We were supposed to exchange gifts in Dec before we left for England but the ravages of winter snow and ice did not allow it!! Here are some pics of Charlie playing with her gift....a cupcake maker and froster!!!

So you microwave the cupcake for 30 seconds (I know microwave....a cupcake....ugh!!!) Then make the frosting (out a packet..again....ugh). Tonya loads the froster.
Here you go Charlie!!! Do your magic!!
This sure is hard work isn't it?
What will the food critic say? He sure is a tough crowd!! See the thoughts swirl as he licks? See the look of apprehension on the pasty chef's face? There is a lot riding on this review. It could make or break our flailing bakery for good!!!
Survey needs more work....but after a few more tries this is what we managed to create.
Red velvet, vanilla pearl, chocolate divine, and cinnamon chai.
Ok, so I jest, we did not make these cupcakes. We actually went downtown to Portland's Pearl district (not the jewelry). We had to partake in some cupcake Joe's delights. These are some mini's we brought home to sample!! YUMMYY!!!