Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Christmas in January (well almost Feb really!)

Lily and I traveled down to Portland last week to visit our Peterson peeps and exchange christmas gifts. We were supposed to exchange gifts in Dec before we left for England but the ravages of winter snow and ice did not allow it!! Here are some pics of Charlie playing with her gift....a cupcake maker and froster!!!

So you microwave the cupcake for 30 seconds (I know microwave....a cupcake....ugh!!!) Then make the frosting (out a packet..again....ugh). Tonya loads the froster.
Here you go Charlie!!! Do your magic!!
This sure is hard work isn't it?
What will the food critic say? He sure is a tough crowd!! See the thoughts swirl as he licks? See the look of apprehension on the pasty chef's face? There is a lot riding on this review. It could make or break our flailing bakery for good!!!
Survey says.....it needs more work....but after a few more tries this is what we managed to create.
Red velvet, vanilla pearl, chocolate divine, and cinnamon chai.
Ok, so I jest, we did not make these cupcakes. We actually went downtown to Portland's Pearl district (not the jewelry). We had to partake in some cupcake Joe's delights. These are some mini's we brought home to sample!! YUMMYY!!!

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