Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Giant Winsty!!

Lily was real excited to play with the giant Winston AKA Wrigley!!! He was more than happy to oblige her in mutual love, especially when she was covered in food!! A good doggie dream!!!
Lemme just get that finger for you Lily.....
Oh wait, I think you have a smidge on your cheeks....
Isn't this fun?
Time for some R&R on the couch with my new Prudence Owl doll from Owen and Charlie! They have blabla dolls they love and now Lily has one too! Isn't she just the cutest. Tonya also knit Lily a blankie which matches Pru!! Oh how cozy!!Thanks for such a fun visit guys! Can't wait to see you again!! Next visit in Seattle will include.......SHRINKY DINKS!! I know, you can barely contain yourselves!! We have so much fun up here, you California people need to come visit!!

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