Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WILD make my heart sing....

Ok now that you have that song stuck in your head....we went to the zoo today!! We got a year membership from Grandma for Christmas and since the weather has been so nice this week we thought we would go. Our friends Ann and little Kat came too!! Those girls have so much fun together. We hope Kat will teach Lily to crawl. As you can see, Lily was pretty psyched to see the animals.
She likes elephants best for now. Maybe because they are so big they are hard to miss?
The girls pose in front of a little baby ellie statue.
The zoo has a really cool indoor play area called zoomazium. I think it will be great on rainy days. They have a toddler area with fun stuff to crawl around on and sit in. The girls are sitting in a little hollowed out play log.
Kat is showing Lily where her teeth are going to come in...some day.
This log you can crawl through and it has a mirror bottom. Random girl Juliet was pretty insistent on being in the photo.
Hey, there are two of me!!
Where'd that other one go?Ahhhh...what fun! We are going to go again and again. Wild know I love you!!
Stay tuned, we are hitting the pool on Friday!


  1. Love the zoo!! It looks like Lily had a blast!! That other baby Kat is pretty cute too. I wonder if they will grow up and be the best of friends... miss you all!

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