Sunday, February 8, 2009

Your favorite recipe?

my cooking books, originally uploaded by bitzi.

Do you have a favorite recipe? Was it handed down from your great great grandma in Sicily? (I don't have any relatives in Sicily to give me super recipes). Well maybe you just like a certain cook boor or food network chef. Why not share your favorite recipe in the comments section?
I have too many favorites to count but last night I came home from work to this little number made by my husband. Tagliatelle with smashed peas, sausage, ricotta cheese!! It was sooo yummy and easy too. Not that he can only follow easy recipes but you get the idea. All day home playing Mr mom and cooking dinner!! Wow!!


  1. These chicken enchiladas are my favorite:

    They're easy-to-make and absolutely delicious...a real crowd-pleaser!

  2. Sara, I was ready to jot everything down on my grocery list when I looked at the nutritional info!!!! Hello! 89% of your daily sodium???? Was it worth it? :)