Saturday, March 28, 2009

I won!!

I have to share some good news! I have been trying to win contests online recently. I have won once, pediped shoes for Lily from a blog I follow Musings of a House Wife . Just today I found out I won again!!! This time it is a set of really sweet measuring cups from anthropology! They are so adorable! It is from a blog called Confessions of a Pioneer Woman . You can click on the link to see my new measuring cups and check out her site! She recently won best blog of the year, and was listed in Time magazine! She has a HUGE following and most contests get over 10,000 entry's which is why it is so exciting to have won!! Mind you, most of her prizes are usually a SLR camera or kitchenaid mixer, but I love my measuring cups and can't wait until they arrive!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mind of her own!!

Lily is just a few days shy of nine months old! I won't say time flies again (but it does). She has really started to develop her own little personality and take notice of everything around her. This is such a fun age and she is really easy going, as long as she gets her two naps a day. She is still determined not to crawl yet, which is fine with us, as we would have to baby proof the house. She is getting so big (we have a doctor visit in another week) and her hair is really filling in fast. Don't worry she still has crazy long side burn curls. She is still a drool MACHINE! If you are wondering why she is always wearing a dorky bib in her pictures it is because she soaks herself with drool. We have to change them out several times a day to spare her neck from a rash. If you are saying to yourself right now, she must be cutting a tooth, then no, you are wrong. She has been drooling since she was 2 months old and no sign of a tooth anywhere. We are very envious of all the babies out there who don't need bibs and you can actually see their cute clothes.

One of her newest things was caught on video last night at dinner. As you will see in the video, Alex thinks she is starting to become more like me.


Alex and I just celebrated our three year anniversary!!! Here is to the good ol days in our around the world trip!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Kristen and I have been best friends since fourth grade. Her husband Nate was nice enough to loan her to us for the weekend so we could have a girls weekend!! She arrived Thursday night and we hit the consignment shops on Friday with Hillary and Lily! Then Saturday it was off to Yakima, WA for some wine tasting! Lily and her dad had a good weekend together too. This is the first time Lily met her Auntie Kristen. She is going to get to meet Kristen's daughter Charlotte when we visit them in Madison in May.

The view from one of the wineries in Yakima. It was a beautiful day with a mixture of all kinds of weather thrown in. The pass on the way was covered in snow and we had showers on and off.
The Yakima wines were pretty good. We took some bottles home for the boys to try.
Lily was showing off her mad jumping skills for Kristen. She sure loves to jump and now when you try to hold her to stand up she just tries to jump and jump and jump!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Flying" High!!!

Check out my new ride!! Mom has been scouring Craigslist for weeks to get a wagon. Every time one comes up for sale it is snatched up!! After setting up my RSS feed I was finally successful!! Half price of a new one and in perfect condition!! Here I come zoo, here I come lake, here I come kiddie pool this summer!! Yippeeee!! For now I need to use my stoller sack in it. Don't worry Grandmas it has seat belts so I can't fall out. Now I can't wait to have my friends over for a ride, come on cousins, there is room for two!!
Side note, the sound of a wagon rolling, is quite like the sound of trash cans rolling. This is perhaps Winston's LEAST favorite sound. It strikes panic into his doggy bones. When the trash cans roll down our alley he FREAKS OUT! So considering this wagon makes the same sound and he has to walk beside it....he did super good! Not a peep out of him. I guess he figures A) his sissy is sitting in it, and B) if he wants to come on the walk he has to deal.

On a side note, it is mother's day this Sunday in the UK!! So happy mother's day and grandmother's day to Grandma England this weekend!! We love you and miss you!! Happy first mother's day to Meagan too!! I think you should celebrate this weekend AND in May!! We love you and Charlie is beautiful!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're English

Today is St Patty's day. We're not Irish, but we celebrate anyway here in America. Alex made us a traditional English dinner this weekend. Toad in a hole, his FAVE! We have bangers and mash quite often but I never get around to making toad in a hole so he made it. This is what it looks like.
It is sausages with a batter around it, then baked in the oven. It was pretty yummy with mash and peas and of course GRAVY!!
This is what we should be having tonight.
But Alex has been feeling under the weather and I went to the dentist today (a good 2 hours of Grays anatomy re-runs later). I did get a delish cupcake from Trophy with Brandi today. I got Alex a guinness stout chocolate cupcake as well. We all did wear green today. I think Alex was afraid of getting pinched on the bus if he didn't. Even Winsty got in the mood.
Hahaha!! No way would he go for that get-up!
This is what I am making for dinner in the crockpot as I type.
Only without the soda bread. Hope you have the luck o the Irish with you all today.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shamrock Shake

In the month of March McDonald's releases a special St Patty's mint flavored shamrock shake. I thought Lily would enjoy it so I gave her some. No I didn't, but doesn't she look very "luck 'o the Irish" in this outfit? It is one of Charlotte's. I think she will have to wear it on St Patty's so she doesn't get pinched (any more than usual that is). She is learning to hold her own bottle, what a fast learner this one!!
This is her JUMBO sized milky picture. Doesn't it look so funny?Happy St Patty's next week everyone!! Wear green or you risk getting pinched.


It all started about a year ago. I attended a great sale with my friend Hillary called Just Between Friends. It is a giant used children's clothes sale. Anyway... I was pregnant with Lily and my BFF Kristen had just had her daughter Charlotte. Hillary and I were picking out a few cute things for Kristen and found a great little number we like to call "Baby Mariah Carey" outfit. We could not believe some of the hilarious clothes people would put their child in. No adult should be allowed to wear this and CPS should be called if they put their kids in it!! So....Hillary got the outfit for Charlotte, as a little gag gift. Well when we gave it to Kristen she was such a good sport about it. When Charlotte was old enough to fit into it, she put it on, took pictures, and even took her out in public in it! So now we have a little tradition of buying these outfits and passing them around. As it is now Lily's turn to proudly model, here we go!!!

Wicked dance moves...
Oh I am sooo cute and coy....even with my thigh rolls...
What the heck is with the belt mom?...
I think this looks great, and the glitter is pretty tasty too...
Take that Montecore (Winsty's new nickname)...
Haha! I got your ball!!So I hope you like the outfit. I think the next one is 12 mos so keep your eyes out for it. This next one includes leopard print!! Animal prints are a must for babies. I have to admit, I do think Lily rocked this outfit. Too cold for public though.

On the move, sort of.....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Biggest Losers

This is what my view was 2 days ago in sunny Seattle. Spring was on it's way. Daylight savings comes this weekend. We had spring fever in a big way!!

This is what the lake looks like today. My friend Brandi and I have decided to walk the lake first thing in the morning to get our exercise in and out of the way! We awoke to heave rain and immediately though, oh shucks (sarcasm) we can't go walk! The rain quickly subsided and it looked like it was clearing. Thinking about the show biggest loser and how Jillian would not let the rain stop her team we decided to "just do it!" It would have been fine, if we brought our rain coats. How silly are we California girls?
Half way around the lake it started to!! Luckily I was looking out for #1. I brought her stroller cover. Now this is for all you So Cal folks. When I moved to Seattle and saw these I about fell over laughing. Seriously? A bag over your stroller? Then you realize, you just never know when rain is going to hit.
Somebody else was NOT amused!!

I wonder what she was thinking? Bubble baby!!

Enjoy your sun people!! Ours will be back soon!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This is the way our floor looks on any given day of the week. Today is cleaning and laundry day Lily was playing nicely with her toys in front of Winsty's couch (he has been "re-assigned" to his own couch). Winsty does not really bother Lily's toys, even though they are so brightly colored, make all kinds of fun noises, and generally look just like his toys. Good boy Winsty.
This is Lily's alphabet puzzle. It is hand made out of real wood. These puzzles aren't cheap (except we got ours used). She is going to be so smart because we play with the puzzle and learn our alphabet and what words start with what letters. It is so much fun. Do you notice anything special about the puzzle?Like maybe the space where the letter Y goes? Y is for yarn. Wrigley likes to eat yarn. That can be very problematic and cause major illnesses that cost lots of money to fix. I think Winsty heard yarn was yummy but could not find any since I don't knit. So he ate the letter Y to see if it tasted like yarn.Then he realized the letter Y tasted like wood. The letter C stands for carrot. Carrots are yummy. Then he ate the letter C to see if it tasted like carrots. The letter C tasted like wood.

What else do you notice about the puzzle in this picture? The letter W stands for waffles. Does the letter W taste like waffles? NO!! Winston it tastes like wood. They ALL taste like wood. Oh wait, he likes the taste of wood. Ok so I will have to hide the whole puzzle.

I got to thinking. Maybe he was like Lassie and he was trying to tell me something, like YCMOU!! He wants to learn about agriculture. Or maybe YCDSB he found God. If he gets another letter I will keep you informed. Until then, back to the housework!!

Spring FEVER!!

Lily is now 8 months old! Time is flying by waayyy to fast!! She is sitting up very well on her own. She is drooling like a mad woman but still has no teeth anywhere near coming up. She has been drooling since she was 2 months old though. She is not crawling, which is quite fine since that means we have to baby proof the house, but she is pushing herself backwards when on her tummy so this morning she pushed herself to the electric cord so she could suck on it. Her favorite thing is Winstons ball so we often find he has dropped it near her so she will "throw" it for him and she is eating it..yuck!! We have had some amazing weather in the afternoons. We walk the lake with Winston and monday we busted out the hammock in the backyard for the first swing of the year!!!
This is the playground at the lake. Lily has warmed up to the swings and smiles and laughs now. I think she enjoys watching the other kids more.

We are excited for the official begining of spring. Our daffodils are blooming in the backyard and tulips will be on the way soon. We can't wait for Easter in LA and Grampy Davis bought Lily a beautiful easter dress when they were here, she can't wait to wear it!!

Grandma Davis Gingerbread

Grandma Kathleen Davis (whom Lily's middle name is for) made this gingerbread cake and it has been passed down through the family. Alex was reminiscing about it over Christmas so we took the recipe home and tried to re-create it. There are a few ingredients we had to tweak for the USA. Treacle was substituted for molasses, golden syrup for karo syrup. The other difficulty was the measurements. In England they use scales, here we use measuring cups and spoons. I attempted the recipe in January. It was ok, but not the same as Grandma Davis'.
Here is the recipe, and a few of the ingredients.
Grandma tries to get it right this time with the measuring cups and spoons. I still don't have a kitchen scale so we have googled to translate the amounts. Love you google, but it wasn't right.
After melting the butter with the molasses and syrup, add to dry sifted ingredients.
The finished product. To get the best flavor you wrap it in foil, once cooled, and let it settle for a day.
The finished product was delish.... but not like grandma Davis' in England. I guess we need to import the proper ingredients and use a scale to really get it perfect! Better yet, we will just go to England and have grandma make it there!

Grandma and Grampy England!!

Grandma and Grampy came to visit us this past week. They were in Toronto for a week to attend a wedding and visit John and Therese. Then they headed our way to get some "Lily" time!! She is so yummy right now they needed a dose of her!

Don't you think she looks just like G&G?

Oh giggles and giggles!! Lily just laughs and laughs these days. Oh and drools and drools...still! No teeth in site though!
What a pretty girl!! She poses for the camera whenever we take it out. G&G got her a toy camera that says say cheese and clicks. She smiles and poses for that one too. Then she eats it.
Papa trying to teach her, how big is Lily? Soooo big!!
Uncle John came to visit over the weekend as well. He was in Vancouver and flew down to meet Lily and our home. It was such a fun time. Alex took them all downtown for brunch and sight seeing. Lily likes her uncle John. He has scratchy face hair that is fun to touch and glasses that are fun to take off.
The "tourists" down at Pike's market and the original Starbucks.
Thanks for coming everyone. We had such a fun time and the house is so quiet and lonely now. Winsty might never recover. He is quite depressed now.