Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Kristen and I have been best friends since fourth grade. Her husband Nate was nice enough to loan her to us for the weekend so we could have a girls weekend!! She arrived Thursday night and we hit the consignment shops on Friday with Hillary and Lily! Then Saturday it was off to Yakima, WA for some wine tasting! Lily and her dad had a good weekend together too. This is the first time Lily met her Auntie Kristen. She is going to get to meet Kristen's daughter Charlotte when we visit them in Madison in May.

The view from one of the wineries in Yakima. It was a beautiful day with a mixture of all kinds of weather thrown in. The pass on the way was covered in snow and we had showers on and off.
The Yakima wines were pretty good. We took some bottles home for the boys to try.
Lily was showing off her mad jumping skills for Kristen. She sure loves to jump and now when you try to hold her to stand up she just tries to jump and jump and jump!

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