Thursday, March 5, 2009

Biggest Losers

This is what my view was 2 days ago in sunny Seattle. Spring was on it's way. Daylight savings comes this weekend. We had spring fever in a big way!!

This is what the lake looks like today. My friend Brandi and I have decided to walk the lake first thing in the morning to get our exercise in and out of the way! We awoke to heave rain and immediately though, oh shucks (sarcasm) we can't go walk! The rain quickly subsided and it looked like it was clearing. Thinking about the show biggest loser and how Jillian would not let the rain stop her team we decided to "just do it!" It would have been fine, if we brought our rain coats. How silly are we California girls?
Half way around the lake it started to!! Luckily I was looking out for #1. I brought her stroller cover. Now this is for all you So Cal folks. When I moved to Seattle and saw these I about fell over laughing. Seriously? A bag over your stroller? Then you realize, you just never know when rain is going to hit.
Somebody else was NOT amused!!

I wonder what she was thinking? Bubble baby!!

Enjoy your sun people!! Ours will be back soon!!


  1. Is baby drinking a latte? It looks like there is a cup of coffee in her rain tent with her.

  2. sara, i want that gingerbread recipie but can you email it to me in english...the kind we speak in america? loves, red