Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grandma and Grampy England!!

Grandma and Grampy came to visit us this past week. They were in Toronto for a week to attend a wedding and visit John and Therese. Then they headed our way to get some "Lily" time!! She is so yummy right now they needed a dose of her!

Don't you think she looks just like G&G?

Oh giggles and giggles!! Lily just laughs and laughs these days. Oh and drools and drools...still! No teeth in site though!
What a pretty girl!! She poses for the camera whenever we take it out. G&G got her a toy camera that says say cheese and clicks. She smiles and poses for that one too. Then she eats it.
Papa trying to teach her, how big is Lily? Soooo big!!
Uncle John came to visit over the weekend as well. He was in Vancouver and flew down to meet Lily and our home. It was such a fun time. Alex took them all downtown for brunch and sight seeing. Lily likes her uncle John. He has scratchy face hair that is fun to touch and glasses that are fun to take off.
The "tourists" down at Pike's market and the original Starbucks.
Thanks for coming everyone. We had such a fun time and the house is so quiet and lonely now. Winsty might never recover. He is quite depressed now.

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