Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grandma Davis Gingerbread

Grandma Kathleen Davis (whom Lily's middle name is for) made this gingerbread cake and it has been passed down through the family. Alex was reminiscing about it over Christmas so we took the recipe home and tried to re-create it. There are a few ingredients we had to tweak for the USA. Treacle was substituted for molasses, golden syrup for karo syrup. The other difficulty was the measurements. In England they use scales, here we use measuring cups and spoons. I attempted the recipe in January. It was ok, but not the same as Grandma Davis'.
Here is the recipe, and a few of the ingredients.
Grandma tries to get it right this time with the measuring cups and spoons. I still don't have a kitchen scale so we have googled to translate the amounts. Love you google, but it wasn't right.
After melting the butter with the molasses and syrup, add to dry sifted ingredients.
The finished product. To get the best flavor you wrap it in foil, once cooled, and let it settle for a day.
The finished product was delish.... but not like grandma Davis' in England. I guess we need to import the proper ingredients and use a scale to really get it perfect! Better yet, we will just go to England and have grandma make it there!

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