Friday, March 27, 2009

Mind of her own!!

Lily is just a few days shy of nine months old! I won't say time flies again (but it does). She has really started to develop her own little personality and take notice of everything around her. This is such a fun age and she is really easy going, as long as she gets her two naps a day. She is still determined not to crawl yet, which is fine with us, as we would have to baby proof the house. She is getting so big (we have a doctor visit in another week) and her hair is really filling in fast. Don't worry she still has crazy long side burn curls. She is still a drool MACHINE! If you are wondering why she is always wearing a dorky bib in her pictures it is because she soaks herself with drool. We have to change them out several times a day to spare her neck from a rash. If you are saying to yourself right now, she must be cutting a tooth, then no, you are wrong. She has been drooling since she was 2 months old and no sign of a tooth anywhere. We are very envious of all the babies out there who don't need bibs and you can actually see their cute clothes.

One of her newest things was caught on video last night at dinner. As you will see in the video, Alex thinks she is starting to become more like me.

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