Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This is the way our floor looks on any given day of the week. Today is cleaning and laundry day Lily was playing nicely with her toys in front of Winsty's couch (he has been "re-assigned" to his own couch). Winsty does not really bother Lily's toys, even though they are so brightly colored, make all kinds of fun noises, and generally look just like his toys. Good boy Winsty.
This is Lily's alphabet puzzle. It is hand made out of real wood. These puzzles aren't cheap (except we got ours used). She is going to be so smart because we play with the puzzle and learn our alphabet and what words start with what letters. It is so much fun. Do you notice anything special about the puzzle?Like maybe the space where the letter Y goes? Y is for yarn. Wrigley likes to eat yarn. That can be very problematic and cause major illnesses that cost lots of money to fix. I think Winsty heard yarn was yummy but could not find any since I don't knit. So he ate the letter Y to see if it tasted like yarn.Then he realized the letter Y tasted like wood. The letter C stands for carrot. Carrots are yummy. Then he ate the letter C to see if it tasted like carrots. The letter C tasted like wood.

What else do you notice about the puzzle in this picture? The letter W stands for waffles. Does the letter W taste like waffles? NO!! Winston it tastes like wood. They ALL taste like wood. Oh wait, he likes the taste of wood. Ok so I will have to hide the whole puzzle.

I got to thinking. Maybe he was like Lassie and he was trying to tell me something, like YCMOU!! He wants to learn about agriculture. Or maybe YCDSB he found God. If he gets another letter I will keep you informed. Until then, back to the housework!!

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