Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring FEVER!!

Lily is now 8 months old! Time is flying by waayyy to fast!! She is sitting up very well on her own. She is drooling like a mad woman but still has no teeth anywhere near coming up. She has been drooling since she was 2 months old though. She is not crawling, which is quite fine since that means we have to baby proof the house, but she is pushing herself backwards when on her tummy so this morning she pushed herself to the electric cord so she could suck on it. Her favorite thing is Winstons ball so we often find he has dropped it near her so she will "throw" it for him and she is eating it..yuck!! We have had some amazing weather in the afternoons. We walk the lake with Winston and monday we busted out the hammock in the backyard for the first swing of the year!!!
This is the playground at the lake. Lily has warmed up to the swings and smiles and laughs now. I think she enjoys watching the other kids more.

We are excited for the official begining of spring. Our daffodils are blooming in the backyard and tulips will be on the way soon. We can't wait for Easter in LA and Grampy Davis bought Lily a beautiful easter dress when they were here, she can't wait to wear it!!

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