Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're English

Today is St Patty's day. We're not Irish, but we celebrate anyway here in America. Alex made us a traditional English dinner this weekend. Toad in a hole, his FAVE! We have bangers and mash quite often but I never get around to making toad in a hole so he made it. This is what it looks like.
It is sausages with a batter around it, then baked in the oven. It was pretty yummy with mash and peas and of course GRAVY!!
This is what we should be having tonight.
But Alex has been feeling under the weather and I went to the dentist today (a good 2 hours of Grays anatomy re-runs later). I did get a delish cupcake from Trophy with Brandi today. I got Alex a guinness stout chocolate cupcake as well. We all did wear green today. I think Alex was afraid of getting pinched on the bus if he didn't. Even Winsty got in the mood.
Hahaha!! No way would he go for that get-up!
This is what I am making for dinner in the crockpot as I type.
Only without the soda bread. Hope you have the luck o the Irish with you all today.

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