Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Kitty!

Lily's BFF turned one this past week and we went to her Luau party to celebrate. Lily and Kat have a special relationship. Kat walks, and crawls and well, Lily watches. Kat is a big lover and gives Lily huge hugs all the time. Lily is like, hey get off of me!!! Guess we have an independent woman on our hands. Here is Kat with her birthday cake. Her grandma made her a special cupcake like a hula girl. It was so cute. Kat tried to eat some but wasn't really sure what it was all about.
Lily on the other hand had no problem being fed frosting by Auntie Hillary. She really would have eaten the whole lot if I had let her!
Lily wore a special dress just for Kat. You see Kat also goes by the nickname Kitty and so Lily wore her special Hello Kitty dress that Meagan and Charlie got her for Christmas. It was so cute and I really think it made Kitty happy even if she wasn't in the mood for a huge hug. That and it distracted Kitty from the fact that Lily played with all her toys.


It's that time of year again. The skagit tulip festival is in season so we took a trip up to look at the beautiful colors. This is what makes living in the pacific northwest all worth it. The mountains still have snow on top and the trees are green and lush, and now the tulips.
You can drive around and stop at the fields. We also went to the gardens where they have every variety of tulips known to man. I came up two years ago with my mom and now my girlfriends and I made the trip. I think that is Hillary's arm and camera if you were wanting the other angle you can email her. I think between four of us we got 1000 pics. What will we do with them? Nothing.
We posed Lily and Kat hoping to get a sweet shot of the girls in front of the tulips. Instead we got each one of them looking away or at the grass in every picture.
I was telling Lily some really good jokes and she was just cracking up!! Boy does she have a funny mom!!

Cherry Blossoms

Brandi Lily and I spent a sunny afternoon at Golden Gardens park. The cherry blossoms are in bloom and so beautiful.

We sat Lily in the grass with all the little flowers. She wasn't sure what to make of it.

Her newest trick is the titanic movie impression. She hold on to the stroller and stands up on the foot rest. When she is feeling particularly dramatic she spreads both arms out. Hey why not, look what Kate Winslet has done since then?
Ahh...the sun and a nice breeze.
Backyard play while mom plants tomatoes. Get ready, next year it is your job!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am WARNING YOU!!! You are going to want to eat this baby up!!!!


Well, you were warned!!!

Thank you Shannon for taking such great pics of Lily at Robbin's shower this weekend!


This is a video from Easter. Little Zachary sang "You are my sunshine" for Grandma.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

Lily could not wait to wake up Easter morning and see what the Easter bunny had brought! This is so exciting.
He brought her ears so she could play bunny.Carol gives her some Easter kinda love.After church we went to Grandma Peterson's to celebrate with the whole Peterson family. We had a belated birthday for Gram, she turned 89 this March. We also wanted to get together so Grandma's five newest great grand babies could all be together for the first time.Of course there was some seriously good food. Plenty to go around, and then some.Jenny, Ryan, and I all had babies in 2008. Jenny has our Lily, I am holding Jenny's Luke and Ryan has her Rory. We are admiring Grandma's "baby" Bruiser.The "older" kids got some great loot at the egg hunt.
We tried to get the five babies all together for a photo. It was a downward spiral of crying!! It was not nice of us to wake them from sleep and place them on cool grass. Sure made for some great shots! Jenny (the professional) took some good ones. The oldest is Quinn (front left) to his right is Lily, second oldest, then to the right in yellow is Maya, Katie's baby, then Luke Jenn's baby and then Rory is the youngest, Ryan's baby.
The proud mom's and babies. We did a switcheroo. See if you can match the baby with the correct mom? Imagine if someone had twins, or octuplets!
Alex and Lily. Looks like he just told her a great joke by the look on her face.
Katie and Maya, so sweet.
Grandma gets in on the Easter fun.
Lily and Auntie Rach. She sure got a lot of kisses this weekend.
We had such a fun weekend it went by too quickly. We wish we could see all our family more often. It was so great to have so many of the Peterson's all together. Maybe next year we will be able to have a huge party with everyone for the 90th!! I don't think Grandma is going to get 5 new great grand babies this year!!

Robbin's baby shower

Shannon, Jenn and I hosted a baby shower for Robbin to help welcome to expected arrival of Carson Jack Mayville.

Doesn't Robbin just look beautiful? Shannon did a little photo shoot for Robbin and we all snapped away.
Lily wanted to sit close to Carson to make him feel welcome.The hit of the shower was Shannon's daughter Madison and her dog. Lily had a great time.
Robbin got so many great gifts. Baby shower's are the most fun to shop for.
Now we wait eight more weeks for his arrival. We can't wait to meet you Carson.

Chillin' in LA

Friday we spent some time at the park. Lily thinks she can walk already so we get to break our backs and let her have a go.

Alex takes her for a turn down the slide.
Chillin' on the swings.
Getting a dose of much needed vitamin D.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Something fishy's going on here

Try to look excited, we are at the aquarium! Lily and Kat take a field trip.
Who is scuba Steve and the eel? Kat and Lily!
Kat show's off her Orca whale taming skills.
We liked the sea lions, always a favorite.
Or was it the fence Lily was so excited about?
It was a miserable rainy day but we were dry and entertained at the aquarium.

My deals....

I just couldn't help myself. She is just so cute when she sleeps. She has a lot of "deals" she likes to sleep with. First we have the pacifier collection. This is where they live so when she is asleep their is always one in reach. Then there is the owl blankie. She likes to rub her face with it so it usually ends up draped over her. Then there is sweeps. A stuffed dog that Alex had when he was little. She like to take his pajama pants off!! Then by her left hand there is the bear that makes crinkly noises and has plastic bits to suck on! She wakes up and plays in there until we finally hear her and come looking. She still loves to have her blankie swaddled around her body. I guess she will live in a sleeping bag when she grows up. So sweet!!