Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Kitty!

Lily's BFF turned one this past week and we went to her Luau party to celebrate. Lily and Kat have a special relationship. Kat walks, and crawls and well, Lily watches. Kat is a big lover and gives Lily huge hugs all the time. Lily is like, hey get off of me!!! Guess we have an independent woman on our hands. Here is Kat with her birthday cake. Her grandma made her a special cupcake like a hula girl. It was so cute. Kat tried to eat some but wasn't really sure what it was all about.
Lily on the other hand had no problem being fed frosting by Auntie Hillary. She really would have eaten the whole lot if I had let her!
Lily wore a special dress just for Kat. You see Kat also goes by the nickname Kitty and so Lily wore her special Hello Kitty dress that Meagan and Charlie got her for Christmas. It was so cute and I really think it made Kitty happy even if she wasn't in the mood for a huge hug. That and it distracted Kitty from the fact that Lily played with all her toys.


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  2. My Cat (Catherine) goes by Miss Kitty too!

    What a fun day! The photos are darling!

  3. How fun!!! And that dress is so cute!!

  4. HI I am so glad you love the dress, it does look very cute on Lily. I hope all is well with you guys love and miss you meagan and charlie