Thursday, April 2, 2009

My deals....

I just couldn't help myself. She is just so cute when she sleeps. She has a lot of "deals" she likes to sleep with. First we have the pacifier collection. This is where they live so when she is asleep their is always one in reach. Then there is the owl blankie. She likes to rub her face with it so it usually ends up draped over her. Then there is sweeps. A stuffed dog that Alex had when he was little. She like to take his pajama pants off!! Then by her left hand there is the bear that makes crinkly noises and has plastic bits to suck on! She wakes up and plays in there until we finally hear her and come looking. She still loves to have her blankie swaddled around her body. I guess she will live in a sleeping bag when she grows up. So sweet!!