Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's that time of year again. The skagit tulip festival is in season so we took a trip up to look at the beautiful colors. This is what makes living in the pacific northwest all worth it. The mountains still have snow on top and the trees are green and lush, and now the tulips.
You can drive around and stop at the fields. We also went to the gardens where they have every variety of tulips known to man. I came up two years ago with my mom and now my girlfriends and I made the trip. I think that is Hillary's arm and camera if you were wanting the other angle you can email her. I think between four of us we got 1000 pics. What will we do with them? Nothing.
We posed Lily and Kat hoping to get a sweet shot of the girls in front of the tulips. Instead we got each one of them looking away or at the grass in every picture.
I was telling Lily some really good jokes and she was just cracking up!! Boy does she have a funny mom!!

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