Monday, June 8, 2009

Cousins gone wild!

Hip hip hooray!! Lily's cousins came to visit this weekend! We went to the Seattle zoo and they got WILD!!! The wagon was a big hit!
Owen was livin' it up on his turn in the wagon. Stretched out and reading the map.
Lily preferred alternate methods of transportation. The hip carrier.
The walk (her favorite, and Owen is just the right size helper)
The up up and away, another great choice.Owen gets down with the Orangutans.After the zoo we headed home for early supper. Burgermaster baby!! Delish! We spent a good time with Owen's find it game. There are items in the tube with plastic confetti and you have to find all the items. Not as easy as you might think. The elusive penny was spotted several times but we were not able to get the year off it to register us as winners online.
We busted out a "vintage" shrinky dink oven and the kids made some shrinky dinks. Sure did take a long time with a 60 watt light bulb. In the end we put the rest in the oven and in 2 minutes were done.
Here is the before picture of Charlie's fairy.
The after shot. Exciting, I know.
Before they headed home we got a group shot. Lily got her birthday present a few weeks early from her cousins. Adorable summer clothes and Charlie's dress was almost a perfect match!
Cuteness overload.
Thanks so much for coming guys. We miss you already! Lily loves her clothes so much and we can't wait to see you again to play in Grandma's pool this summer! XOXO!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heat Wave Baby!

It has been fabulous weather here in Seattle. Even warmer than LA!! We took advantage of it this weekend and took Lily on a hike in her new backpack carrier. It works pretty well and Winsty had a blast.
We each gave it a try. It was work, but so fun to be able to take some trails without a stroller.
Today Lily and Mommy went to visit Ann and Kat. They took us to their neighborhood water playground. It was awesome, and FREE! Kat was running around getting soaked.
Lily loved it. She tried to get me to walk her through all the splashing water.

A soaked, happy girl.
Ah, refreshing. The best part was the nap afterward. Well deserved, only Mom didn't get one too.
This weekend Lily's cousins are coming to visit. She can't wait!