Tuesday, July 7, 2009

With Liberty and Justice for All!!

We started our holiday weekend early with a trip to the Green Lake wading pool with Kat and Ann. It has been sunny and warm and this is a great way to cool off. Kat loves Lily's bath toys as much as she does. These bath toys go everywhere with us! I think they only made it into the bath once!Summer is the best! We remember last summer seeing the kids at the pool and thinking in one year we would be out here too! Time flies.Friday the Third Alex had a day off from work. After an early morning minor "emergency" at the office we took him to the pool for a picnic and fun.
Papa and Little splash around and show the other kids how it is done.
This is how packed it is on a daily basis! Yikes, don't they know this is our pool, in our backyard?
Ahh the good times. We even snuck a few PBR's in our Hawaii koozies!
On the Fourth we took a day trip to Bellingham, WA. It is about an hour and a half north of our house. It is a great town with a super farmers market on Saturdays. We had lunch in a brewery restaurant. Lily wore her blue dress with white stars. We would have liked to stay for the fireworks but it would be a really long day for a little one.
Back at home we grilled up dinner and posed with Grandma's flag. Our lady liberty!!
We set the timer on the camera to get a family photo! What a joke. We took about a dozen. This one is maybe the best one. We will let you decide.

The best time of the day, if you ask Lily, is bath time! Look how much hair I have now!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

One year down...

Happy Birthday to Lily!! How on earth can one whole year have gone by? You are growing and changing so fast. We try to remember each little milestone and change but blink and a year has gone by. We flew home from LA in the morning and you were so worn out from your LA party you slept the whole way home! Good birthday girl. In the evening we had some good friends over for a pizza party and cake. Lily and Zella played on Lily's castle slide! This is going to get some good use for years to come. Thanks Brandi! Alex even let us play on his newly planted grass.
Zella helps Lily open her gifts. They had as much fun tearing open the gifts as playing.
Annie and Eric got Lily a little people doll house. It even makes noises like a door bell and flushing toilet. It is a lot of fun. She has played with it every day since.
Ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins!
Ah, refreshing! She didn't make as much of a mess with this one. Maybe she thinks that after you turn one this is an every night treat. Sorry baby!
The next morning we played with Hillary and DB in her new shopping cart. This thing gets pushed all over the house. It really gives her the freedom to go wherever she wants because the front wheels turn so she can push it or drag it anywhere to help her balance. Bonus, she fits right inside! Watch out house, she is on the loose now so brace yourself for the sounds of crashing and banging. Hillary and DB departed for the cross country drive to move to Madison, WI. We will miss them a ton but already have plans to go visit in August. They are getting a puppy and have a pool at their new house so we know Lily will never want to leave.
Aren't birthday's grand? Lily has made some major milestones and has plenty to look forward to...like teeth! She has no teeth yet! She manages to gum most foods and her favorite food is either strawberries or MEAT! She loves chicken, meatballs, taco meet! What a funny girl. She took her first steps on her own yesterday. About five steps before she fell into my arms. Each day she gets braver and faster so I guess we should do some "baby proofing". We have a lot of fun summer plans ahead. Our lake has a wading pool which is just across the street so we plan on spending lots of time there. We are coming back to LA for another wedding and a visit with Grandpa and Grandma England. They last saw Lily in February so they are in for a big change! Get your running shoes on guys! We are also going to Kauai in October with Nate, Kristen and Charlotte.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Look who turned one!!

The big day arrived! Well, the day before the real day we had a pool party at Grandma and Grandpa Peterson's house. The day started off well with a gift from Grampy and Grandma England! Shipped all the way from the UK. Lily was actually pretty interested in opening it and tearing the paper. She must take after her dog Winston in a love for shredding paper.
After the morning nap things started warming up, both at the party and with the weather! It was 90 degrees in Simi! The pool sure was handy. Lily went in several times that week and loves it. She just splashes and steps right in. She got a few face/mouthfuls of water but didn't let it stop her. Her dad likes the pool a lot too.
As you can see, the heat really got everyone in their suits, or in the house with the AC on.
Lily does laps around the pool in her party dress. I just wish she could stay this small a while longer. It is so fun and look at those tiny little feet in her flip flops!
I was brave and decided to make her cupcakes from scratch. The chocolate ones were owls made with oreo cookies and M&M's. Since Lily has such big eyes and takes everything in she has sort of become our little owl. Her invitations were made by my good friend Jenn with owls and her dress had owls on them, so why not cupcakes too? Sorry Owen and Charlie, they were so good we ate them all so we could not mail you any! We also had vanilla with pink icing and sprinkles (hundreds and thousands as they call them in England).
She had no trouble putting away a cupcake herself! Once she got a taste of the icing it was easy. She had her birthday girl bib and crown from G'ma Peterson.

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Lily's special day with us. It was so fun to be in LA and see some of our family and friends that we miss so much in Seattle.

Here comes the bride....

This past weekend we traveled to LA to celebrate Stephanie and Trevor's wedding! It was a blast. They held the ceremony and reception at Miravalle Gardens in Camarillo. It was a sunny, warm day and a great time for all. The bride was gorgeous.
Maid of Honor, Rachel. She was so beautiful I imagine Eric had visions of her in white as she walked down the aisle. He is such a romantic you know.
The wedding party during the ceremony. It was sweet and touching and funny,
Ahhh...the reception. The party begins. My parents all dressed up looking snazzy!
Alex and I had a great time. Lily was home with a babysitter.
Eric was the maid to the maid of honor. He looked pretty good in his suit and tie.
They had a candy bar and your favor was a take home box you could fill up with candy. What fun! It was such a hit. We are still enjoying our candy. I am definitely going to have one of these at a party some day.
Announcing the wedding party at the reception. Rach was ready to get down and boogie.
The beautiful couple have their first dance.
Yum yum to my tum tum! This cake was delish! The outside has a thin coat of white chocolate. Every last bite of the cake was gone and people were looking for seconds!
Thanks for such a great time McClusky's! Hope we get to celebrate another wedding with you in the future!