Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Here comes the bride....

This past weekend we traveled to LA to celebrate Stephanie and Trevor's wedding! It was a blast. They held the ceremony and reception at Miravalle Gardens in Camarillo. It was a sunny, warm day and a great time for all. The bride was gorgeous.
Maid of Honor, Rachel. She was so beautiful I imagine Eric had visions of her in white as she walked down the aisle. He is such a romantic you know.
The wedding party during the ceremony. It was sweet and touching and funny,
Ahhh...the reception. The party begins. My parents all dressed up looking snazzy!
Alex and I had a great time. Lily was home with a babysitter.
Eric was the maid to the maid of honor. He looked pretty good in his suit and tie.
They had a candy bar and your favor was a take home box you could fill up with candy. What fun! It was such a hit. We are still enjoying our candy. I am definitely going to have one of these at a party some day.
Announcing the wedding party at the reception. Rach was ready to get down and boogie.
The beautiful couple have their first dance.
Yum yum to my tum tum! This cake was delish! The outside has a thin coat of white chocolate. Every last bite of the cake was gone and people were looking for seconds!
Thanks for such a great time McClusky's! Hope we get to celebrate another wedding with you in the future!

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