Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Look who turned one!!

The big day arrived! Well, the day before the real day we had a pool party at Grandma and Grandpa Peterson's house. The day started off well with a gift from Grampy and Grandma England! Shipped all the way from the UK. Lily was actually pretty interested in opening it and tearing the paper. She must take after her dog Winston in a love for shredding paper.
After the morning nap things started warming up, both at the party and with the weather! It was 90 degrees in Simi! The pool sure was handy. Lily went in several times that week and loves it. She just splashes and steps right in. She got a few face/mouthfuls of water but didn't let it stop her. Her dad likes the pool a lot too.
As you can see, the heat really got everyone in their suits, or in the house with the AC on.
Lily does laps around the pool in her party dress. I just wish she could stay this small a while longer. It is so fun and look at those tiny little feet in her flip flops!
I was brave and decided to make her cupcakes from scratch. The chocolate ones were owls made with oreo cookies and M&M's. Since Lily has such big eyes and takes everything in she has sort of become our little owl. Her invitations were made by my good friend Jenn with owls and her dress had owls on them, so why not cupcakes too? Sorry Owen and Charlie, they were so good we ate them all so we could not mail you any! We also had vanilla with pink icing and sprinkles (hundreds and thousands as they call them in England).
She had no trouble putting away a cupcake herself! Once she got a taste of the icing it was easy. She had her birthday girl bib and crown from G'ma Peterson.

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Lily's special day with us. It was so fun to be in LA and see some of our family and friends that we miss so much in Seattle.

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