Tuesday, July 7, 2009

With Liberty and Justice for All!!

We started our holiday weekend early with a trip to the Green Lake wading pool with Kat and Ann. It has been sunny and warm and this is a great way to cool off. Kat loves Lily's bath toys as much as she does. These bath toys go everywhere with us! I think they only made it into the bath once!Summer is the best! We remember last summer seeing the kids at the pool and thinking in one year we would be out here too! Time flies.Friday the Third Alex had a day off from work. After an early morning minor "emergency" at the office we took him to the pool for a picnic and fun.
Papa and Little splash around and show the other kids how it is done.
This is how packed it is on a daily basis! Yikes, don't they know this is our pool, in our backyard?
Ahh the good times. We even snuck a few PBR's in our Hawaii koozies!
On the Fourth we took a day trip to Bellingham, WA. It is about an hour and a half north of our house. It is a great town with a super farmers market on Saturdays. We had lunch in a brewery restaurant. Lily wore her blue dress with white stars. We would have liked to stay for the fireworks but it would be a really long day for a little one.
Back at home we grilled up dinner and posed with Grandma's flag. Our lady liberty!!
We set the timer on the camera to get a family photo! What a joke. We took about a dozen. This one is maybe the best one. We will let you decide.

The best time of the day, if you ask Lily, is bath time! Look how much hair I have now!


  1. so that picture of Lily and the flag is maybe the cutest picture ever. To bad she didn't have the Union Jack in the other hand!

  2. way cute pics. you guys are so good at getting out and doing fun stuff. i feel like we haven't been able to get out much on weekends since we have been doing massive yardwork thus far. maybe this weekend????