Monday, August 31, 2009

Mad for Madison

This past week Lily and I headed to Madison to see our great friends Hillary and her new puppy and house, and Kristen and Charlotte! What a fun time. The girls had a great time together. Charlotte was so sweet with Lily and they played so well. We took a morning trip to the zoo.Charlotte takes some time to teach Lily the ropes. Here is how you climb Lily.
Let's hold hands and go see the giraffe.
We sure needed Hillary's help and extra set of hands.
Kristen and Charlotte such cuties!
Don't forget our week long entertainer...Molly! She is so cute and full of beans. All puppy here but so smart already!
She is a golden doodle puppy. She and Lily wore each other out which worked well for all of us.
I hope we helped Hillary some with her new home decorating. Thanks for everything we had such a fun time! Can't wait to see you back in Seattle soon.

High five Charlie!!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Charlie, happy birthday to you! Since Charlie wouldn't let us sing to her at her big 5 birthday I am singing to her now! We went to Portland two weeks ago to celebrate with her. What a party it was!

There were hula hoops! Charlie is really good. She is trying to master doing several at once!
She tries to teach Lily. We have to get her "dialed in" on a talent early so she can master it. She can get on Ellen, or get a college scholarship, or go to the olympics. Hey, it might be an olympic event by the time Lily is old enough.Oh, and do you see what is in the background? A PRINCESS BOUNCY HOUSE! Don't tell Charlie but we heard about the bouncy house and invited ourselves to her birthday party.
Lily wasted no time getting involved. We really couldn't wait for the official party to end so we adults could go in. They got their money's worth for sure. We all went for a round and it was a lot of fun. I think Owen and Charlie got a real kick out of the grown ups going in. We really needed Auntie Rach though. She has much more stamina for these things than the rest of us.
Yummy delish cupcakes made by Charlie and Mama. She let us light the candles but no singing thank you very much.
Much anticipated gift opening. She loved everything she got.
The pony dress up house was a hit.
I think everyone had fun. I know Lily did. She is already planning her party for next year.
The next day we hung out at the house and went for lunch out. No trip to the Portland Petersons would be complete without some fruit picking! Peaches were in season and so so delicious! We had to eat them right off the tree to make sure they tasted good. The lady told us too really. Lily got a high ride to pick the top ones.
Joel really did most of the work. He is mad about fruit picking. He missed his calling in life. When they "go country" they are going to plant all kinds of fruit trees and berry bushes. We can then visit our country cousins and pick fruit for free. We will also whittle, chew tobacco, and lose all our teeth.
Owen, where are your Tom Cruise sunglasses? He may have eaten a whole pound of peaches himself. Guess we owe them an extra 80 cents. Yes, 80 cents per pound!
We like to teach them hard labor young.
She wants to walk everywhere all by herself. Then she face plants in the dust and wonders why that happened? Hmm... maybe you should let me help!
We had such a great time. We just love visiting our family in Portland. Now school started so we can go down and watch soccer games on the weekend! Both Owen and Charlie are mad about soccer! We can't wait!

We rock the children's museum

This is a long over due post. We went to the Seattle children's museum a few weeks ago with Lily's BFF Kat. Those girls are on the move in a big way! It was tough to get a photo with both of the where one wasn't moving! Most of the pics one girl was blurry.
The girls were eaten by a giant whale.
Climbing up the padded pyramid. They could have spent all day climbing the steps. We have steps at home girls!
Another whale shot. Lily goes for it.
They have a 0-3 yr old area which was great because the girls tend to get trampled by the bigger kids in the other areas. I think we will wait a little while before taking her back. I think it would be easier when she is more steady.

Friday, August 21, 2009

WILD thing... part deux...

Some of my loyal readers might remember this post where Lily was so fondly dressed as Mariah Carey. Well, it is time for round two. Kristen dutifully put her daughter Charlotte in this doozy. So we will keep the pact and follow suit. One word comes to mind, roar! Hmm, maybe not so bad. Make note of the newly groomed hound in the background.
Seriously mom? This outfit is awful.
If I could get the fireplace screen doors to open I would burn this!
What are these itchy pink net parts?
I am so embarrassed I am going to cover up with this blanket.

Sorry Lily. It is just so funny!

Monday, August 10, 2009

These are the days...

How is it Lily turned one about a month ago? Her birthday week she learned to crawl (thanks to Grandma & Grandpa baby boot camp). She took a few steps on her own a few days after her birthday. Now, a month later she is all over the place!
She has a thing for purses, or anything with handles she can carry around.
She has NO TEETH! That doesn't seem to stop the girl from eating what she wants though.
She chatters away all day long although none of it really makes sense to us. Maybe Winston understands her?
She has great love for her big cousins and can't wait to see them again.
We are "dialing out," as Joel would say, her crib music deals. The pacifier will have to wait, if we plan to keep flying as much as we do we NEED them!
She has perfected the art of falling gracefully. So far we have managed to avoid most furniture but I am sure she won't always be so lucky. The bruises are adding up though.
She loves to climb stairs and cries when the gates go up...sorry!
The other day we were in the basement trying to relax and after a few minutes of silence and no Lily we went to find her. She was in the shower. Why not? After all there is a lovely step up into the shower to play on.
We have a lot planned for the next few months so watch out!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Here comes the groom...

The big reason for our trip to LA was to attend Brian's wedding in Santa Barbara. Lily gets the jeep ready for the trip.We drove up the coast Saturday morning. Joel was the best man so he and his fam drove up the day before. Owen and Charlie missed their cousin Lily so much they couldn't wait to see her again. When we finally arrived it was pool time at the hotel.
I think Charlie did "canon ball" about a thousand times that weekend. Her version of cannon ball is jumping in the shallow end straight leg and shouting.
Lily got some Uncle Joel love.
Tom Cruise made an appearance for the weekend.
Saturday night we attended Brian and Jenner's wedding at the Montecito Country club. Paparazzi were everywhere! Hahaha! This is my wedding dress that was hard earned considering I had to shop with a one year old in tow who thinks she can walk everywhere all the time.What a gorgeous venue. They were married in front of huge windows overlooking the ocean. Sorry the glare didn't allow our pictures to do them justice. The professionals must have gotten some beauties. It is official ladies Brian is OFF the market!
Doesn't Eric clean up nice? Good thing too because Rachel is shining!
Mom and Pops looking dapper as well.
The ladies ready for a fun night. The kids were back at the hotel with Rachel's sister Stephanie and her husband Trevor. They were married last month so we thought they could use some real life with kids experience to remind them to enjoy their time alone!
The gorgeous couple having photos taken.
The cocktail party in full swing.
First dance for the bride and groom.
Alex and I had a great time. Too bad we had to wake up early the next morning!
Joel gives his best man toast. It was a great one!
We danced it up that night! They also had a photo booth and we all crammed ourselves in there several times. Hope Brian and Jenner like the photos we left them.
For the wedding cake they had three flavors of bundt cake. Red velvet, lemon, and white chocolate.
Loosen the tie boys! It's almost time for the after party.

College girls reunite

During our visit to LA we caught up with some friends from APU! We all have babies now so it was a lot different than the good old days! Robbin just had Carsen in June. He is a chunky monkey already! Such a sweet baby. Jessica gets a little bit of lovin'.

We tried to get the kids to sit together for a photo. It was at the end of our play time and well past nap time. Not the best situation. It started ok.
Lily started the get away.
Then she was very very sad to be placed back in the photo. Caeden on the right was wondering what the heck this girl was crying about.
We tried to distract them with the arms up game.
Jenn and Caeden, he is two and a half now.
Jessica and Sofia, she is 20 months.
Robbin and Carsen, he is almost 2 months.
Sofia loves her boy Carsen.
We have to wait until New Years to see Meagan and Charlie who is 9 months.